Hello family!

So many things are going on, so we’re going to dive in and update you!

Prompted by the Lord, Gordon has been working alongside some key people here in the Antelope Valley, to assemble the Antelope Valley Disaster Relief Network (AVDRN). AVDRN will be comprised of local churches and organizations in the Christian community here in the Antelope Valley. The churches will be working together in a unique position: being prepared to administer and minister to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those who survivors of disasters. Each church will have “shepherds”: selected individuals or families who will be available to assist other individuals/families both during and after a crisis. This is an exciting avenue that the Lord is bringing the ministry into, one that will be talked about more during our 1st Annual International Pastors Conference.

This brings us to an important topic: Our Pastors Conference! Since the ending of August, a myriad of guests have arrived to our home and have added a new dimension of life and love to our day-to-day routine. Pastor J.P. Thomas from India is with us, as well as Cora Navarra and Hanna Elloso, missionaries from the Philippines. Stan Bodick flew back in a few days ago and will be with us for this event, as will Lucille Delnevo. We heard whispers of Lucille making the famous Delnevo pizza. The buzz is true! Saturday night, those attending the conference will be in for a tasty treat! It’s been an overwhelming blessing at all the people coming to be a part of this conference! From the praise and worship to our meals, the outpouring of help, love and support is AMAZING!

We’ve been so blessed to have our family expanded this past month. We’re excited to see our dear friends and families come home, joining us in the celebration of God’s love in action. We’d love to see all of you at the conference! Did you know that the conference is open for registration? Visit our Registration Page to reserve your spot! Be checking our Facebook Page to see the schedule of events, and more information about the Conference! Here is the schedule of events for this weekend:

Pastors Conference Program [pdf]

This month has been busy with the preparation of not one, but THREE events! After our Pastors Conference and Anniversary, we will be hosting a course on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (known as TESOL). This 30 hour course will be taught by Hanna Elloso and will resort in a certification to teach and tutor English. This is wonderful opportunity that you don’t want to miss! For more information, check out our TESOL Event Page.

Another event we’ve been planning is a Chaplaincy Training. This will be a thorough, two week certification training course. These two events are exciting because the Lord is now using our home as a place of training! It’s an exciting new way the Lord is moving in.

We can’t wait to share with you the report of our conference. We know it hasn’t started yet, but we just know the Lord is going to show up mightily and release a fresh vision for this, His ministry! Be sure to keep up with our Facebook and Twitter as we update you from the conference! We pray each of you are doing well, and we can’t wait see your shining, smiling faces! See you soon!


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