All Nations Prayer Warriors Society

We knew God had a special plan for the conference to be held with Pastor John David and Pastor Gaylene Gomez this year.

Although All Nations Prayer Warriors Society is not an affiliate of All Nations International, I share the title for Gatekeeper of the West with Pastor John David Gomez of the Jerusalem Center Church in Medford Oregon. ANPWS holds prayer conferences yearly in the North, South, West and East. This year was the West’s turn to host.

For me, this was one of the more refreshing conferences. When we walked into Pastors Dave and Gaylene’s church, I felt the presence of the Lord as if they prayed a lot in the church. Which they do.


Friday, we went to the Table Rock Trailhead. Pastor Dave shared how may Native Americans jumped off of Table Mountain choosing to die free than be captured by the enemy. After praying we traveled to “House of Fire” a ministry of Pastors Jerry and Debra Provencio. Where many come who have been on drugs or homeless to start a new life. The pastors asked if we would pray with them over their property.

Returning to the Jerusalem Church the Prayer Warriors honored Pastor Dave by cooking the Buffalo meal with fry bread. (Marilyn sent some dough home with me to our family and Praise God we got it through TSA).

Saturday morning, as we gathered outside to pray before traveling to Mt. Ashland, Pastor Dave unexpectantly anointed and appointed Pastor Henry Mena and Julien Medel as those who would “take his place” in prayer warriors. The prayer warriors assisted. Watch the Videos

We continued to Ashland Mountain and prayed over the mountain, as there are unholy things that people have done or do on that mountain. Pastor Gaylene Gomez spoke and Liz Gomez let group prayer. Marilyn Bread led in a reconciliation prayer and asked me to sing “I Forgive You” from Cazaq the Eagle. As we sang and prayed Chairman Don Gentry from the Klamath Tribe came. Don Gentry, his wife Mary, and mother-in-law sang a song for us and welcomed us to their land.

Afterwards, we traveled to Lithia Springs Park and enjoyed the “healing waters.”

Each night we spent time together in prayer, worship, testimonies and exhortation. The Spirit of God and His people in this church was refreshing.

God moved greatly through Pastor Henry Mena and his Youth for the Nations Team. Several years ago he invited us to perform Cazaq the Eagle at the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation. We anticipate working with him in the future.

Sunday, most of us returned to our homes but Marilyn Bread remained and ministered to the church during Sunday service with Julien Medel. She said there was a great reception and deliverance as a result of the message.

So Many Photos! Thanks to Jym Duane Photography we have a to of photos of this event.
Click this link if you would like to see them all.

Check out the new All Nations Prayer Warriors Society YouTube channel were we have uploaded unedited videos of the event.


All Nations Prayer Warriors Society is not affiliated with All Nations International