Dearest Family,

How precious is Jesus? We pray this Easter was a beautiful one for each of you. We had a sunrise service again this year and this time it was just our little family. We reflected on His death and His glorious resurrection. Communion was shared and we sang praises unto Him as the sun began to rise.

Easter 2016

As gathered and held the service, there was a plane that drew a cross in the sky. It lasted the entire service.

Easter 2016 04__ResizedHe is risen! The only one in all the world who can lay such a claim on our hearts. An innocent, who patiently bore our sins in quiet agony until declaring “It is finished!”. So that for generations to come, this new covenant would be witnessed to all nations.

Easter 2016 02__ResizedEaster 2016 03__Resized

May God bless your families. And may God strengthen all of us, as we press forward in doing His will. Until next time…

Easter 2016 05_Resized

Photo Edit by Jopet Arias


Love, your family at All Nations

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