COVID-19 India

Real People – Real Responses

Earlier this year Gordon Skinner felt challenged with the needs in India.  “As I was praying to the Lord, ‘How can we help these people know God’s love during this difficult time?’  I had a thought… I can use this tractor to mow down grass in our area.”  Gordon pledged whatever profits he made to give to India.  We were able to raise $600 and sent it to brother Kumar’s son, Samuel who has been actively giving to help families make it through this COVID-19 unprecedented time.

Samuel was very happy because he had just been praying for the refugees who are fleeing the cities, many of them walking with only what they have on their backs.  They hope to return to their family lands in the villages.  Some never make it.  Samuel will use these funds to help some of the refugees along their way.

Here are a few pictures and videos of what they had already been doing, thanks to kind donations.  We love to give where God’s servants are already doing what they can.

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