Happy 2013 Family!

These last few weeks have seen us busier than we’ve been in a while! We’ve had visitors (last time we tried to count, it was at least 80) coming and going: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years, saying hello, meetings. Each visit is always special and we enjoy the time we get with each of our dear and precious family members!

Not long ago, Pastor Lisa Reyes came with her beautiful daughter Gladys and a friend to spend some time with our family and record a song (in which Gladys sung along with her vocal coach. What a voice!) in Gordon’s studio. We enjoyed seeing Pastor Lisa’s daughter (some of us have never met her), and rejoiced that she is now with her mother here in the States.
The Lancaster High School InterAct Club came by, on a number of times, to help clear out the garden and prepare it for the next growing season. The relationship between All Nations/Sommer Haven Ranch International and InterAct has grown beautifully, and we’re happy to see the youth get excited about helping and becoming people of action.

The week before Christmas and even after, we had so many guests! A few days before Christmas, Mom Jennene Jeffrey came back, just in time to celebrate the holiday with us! Also Pastor Michael Waldrop came for Christmas, as well as two of his ministry friends: Mr. Chan and “Goody”. For Christmas we extended the invitation to those who had no where to go, to come and spend an “Isaiah 58 Christmas” with our family. Almost 30 people were present. There was a beautiful meal, much of which was through His mighty Provision, and a time of worship. There was even the telling of His birth, from the mouth of a shepherd, holding a little lamb! It was a beautiful time, in which the Love of the Lord was ministered in a way only He can do. We used what we had to give gifts, and what a fun time we had! We may not have had a lot in the way of gifts, but what we had, we gave out in a raffle-like system. We drew names and gave gifts to each person, some of the gifts were small, some didn’t even seem to fit recipients. But then we allowed time for the guests to go and exchange the gifts with someone who could actually use them, and lo and behold! Many people were able to exchange the things they couldn’t use with things that were usable! It was a great time of fellowship and a lot of fun. Everyone left with a smile on their face and memories of a warm, loving atmosphere and new friends.

The fun continued as we entered New Years Eve! Together with April and Darrell Steffen, and a few other friends, we rang in the New Year with praise, worship and a wonderful word from a new found friend from Hope Chapel (formerly known as Quartz Hill Foursquare). Many of you may be wondering what the Word of the Lord was for this New Year. For this year, there were four main things that resonated with us in our spirits:

1. Revelation 18:4

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

The Lord is calling us out, calling us out from among Babylon, and be separate, a holy, righteous people in the sight of the Lord.

2. The Spirit of deliverance is being pored out if we:

  1. cry out for it
  2. seek it
  3. contend for it

3. God is releasing a liberty and a Grace, that we may walk in the palace of the New Year as Princes.

Being a Prince is not something that is taught, but a culture.

4. To praise Him for all things, in all things give Him thanks.

A powerful word, no?

The next day, we were blessed to spend New Years Day with Pastor Chris and Maimee Malahy came by, along with Berna and Melba Malahy. It was wonderful to spend some quality time with these precious people. Also, Brother Van Carmen and Oscar Thomas stopped by and together we all made a merry group! Later on in the afternoon, Teresa and Gordon Skinner, along with Jennene Jeffrey and Ashley Flores spend the evening with Dr. Christine Daniel.

We had a beautiful Christmas season and we’re happy we could share with all of you! There will be a “photo album” of Christmas season put up soon!

We pray that you are strengthened, encouraged and refreshed, and know that you always have a home to come visit to!

Happy New Year to you all. We love you all so much. God Bless!

Your Family at All Nations International.