Hello family!

Blessings to each of you in His name.

The Lord is blessing us with a season of focus, rest and favor.

For the first time since we moved, Gordon returned to California for a week. He attended meetings, visited friends and ministered several places. Several of our food outreach friends blessed us with a truckload of food for our use and to share with others! Thank you everyone! We love you Cali and miss you, yet we know God is just making time sweeter, for all of us.

Building the Training Center.

Teresa and Gordon have been putting permits together, having meetings and making lots, and lots of phone calls! The Lord has given us favor, guiding us to places to meet people, only find that what they do is exactly what we need! And they want to help! His goodness and grace are overwhelming. We know many of you pray for us, for wisdom and direction, and we so appreciate it! It will take all of us together to accomplish His vision.

Did we say Garden? A few posts ago, Annella began tilling the soil for the garden and preparing the beds for planting.

Seedlings beginning to grow!

It was a slow start, but now we have abundance!

Herbs, corn, green beans and more!

We have herbs, vegetables like zucchini, yellow squash, corn and carrots, various green beans, bell peppers, melons and more! Even down to the garden, God’s hand has been with us and we are so thankful! We are already harvesting spinach, lettuce and beet greens for fresh, healthy salads!

Our first tomato!

Lots of Visitors 

At the Grand Canyon during Carrie’s visit.

Eric fishing at the lake.

How exciting to see the Lord refresh and strengthen our visitors this month. To see His Spirit move inour new home… is special to us. His presence is indeed here, and His Ministry will continue to be a place where He meets and minsters to His people.


Carrie’s Catch of the Day!

Carrie Duren and her children spent a week with us. We went to the Grand Canyon and enjoyed a dip in the community pool. The children attended Vacation Bible School at a local church. Early one morning, we went fishing and Carrie caught a fish! As always, Carrie blessed us with her delicious, healthy cooking… she even taught Ashley how to make Brioche (bread)!



Time To Worship

Worshiping together was beautiful and anointed. We enjoyed having them with us and look forward to the next time they come to visit!


The left in the morning and Blanca Lewis and Lucille Delnevo arrived that afternoon. Blanca blessed us with her servant heart and sweet spirit. She is always a blessing when she comes and usually has some spiritual words to share. Thank you, Blanca! The ladies helped clean and sort through the food Gordon brought back from California, just like old times!


Blanca and Lucille with Lucille’s homemade pizza. Yum!

Lucille worked in the garden with Annella, using fresh herbs and vegetables in her delicious meals. Homemade pizza, fresh salads, a 10lb quiche (We’re pretty sure it was about that much.), meatloaf and the best meatloaf sandwiches… She’s a precious woman who loves to serve and fellowship in His presence! Again, we spent a day in the Grand Canyon National Park, and the presence of the Lord was there. God’s Word says, His Creation declares His Glory, and you can certainly witness that amidst the sweeping view of the Canyon

Lucille and Annella relaxing at the Botanical Garden.

All too soon, it was time for Lucille to go.  We anointed and prayed for her and thanked God the time we shared with her. We can’t wait to see her again!

Thank you for connecting with us. Your prayers and love can be felt, and we know that even though we are “Far Away”, in the Spirit we are working side by side. We love you all!

Until next time!

Your Family at All Nations International