Good morning family!

We pray this blog finds each and everyone of you well. We’re excited to tell you that a new transcribed message has been posted! This message strikes a deep chord, resonating with the focus the Lord has been moving us in since the start of the new year. The Lord has been leading us in a direction of increasing our training, imparting to our new and young trainees what “missionary work” truly is: a life style of servitude, of moving, working, living in the flow of what is true normalcy in the Kingdom of God. Another area we have been feeling the Lord speak about is being a people of our word. Developing what is called a culture of honor. Teresa was recently ministering on that and said “If we can’t do what we say, how can we do what He says?” Given in 1993, the message is as poignant today as it was then.

Recently, we had a small team leave for a weekend trip to Mexico with our dear brother, Michael Waldrop. The timing of the trip couldn’t have been more perfect: fresh from our Intensive Missionary Training month, where we covered cultural “do and don’t”s, sanitation, all the things the ladies (Sylvia Dawn, Ashley Flores, Carrie Duren, Marva Beauvoir and our new volunteer Kathy Jones) needed to know and use for this trip, and use they did! All the ladies mentioned more than once how grateful they were to have had the training, and all expressed a desire to return and work amongst the people. There’s even talks of starting a community garden with the people! It’s a blessing to know that the Lord has been sending people with a will and a heart to serve for His kingdom!

Have you seen our new website? Packed with the same great resources and information, but with a brand new, clean and beautiful design! Our vision of Imparting, Equipping and ANI Website 2Establishing His Kingdom has never changed, and our new site provides people with the resources they need to become a part of the work. How can we serve? Our Resource page contains manuals that are FREE to download, from anywhere in the world! Want to know the best method for planting a garden? Or what natural herbs are safe for medicinal purposes? How do you know when your water is safe to drink? What is the best way to care for a sick goat? Resource Page 1

The Practical Application Training manuals are an invaluable tool for teaching. Whether you want to refresh your memory, or teach a group, these packets are just a click away.  What’s more, the manuals are available anywhere you have an internet connection, and did we mention these resources are FREE?!Resource Page 2

Also available is the Isaiah 58 Training Course. These packets are the building block of His ministry with Isaiah 58, full of the life changing revelation of Jesus Christ, and the flow of His Spirit. We encourage that you share these resources, both natural and spiritual, with all you know.


We pray that this week goes well for each of you. Remember, we love to hear from you, see how you’re doing,and how can we pray for you?

Have a prayer request? Let us know!