Good morning family, and welcome to another week. Blessings to you all, especially to our dear Mothers!

Did everyone enjoy their Mother’s Day yesterday? We certainly did! Not only did we celebrate Mother’s Day, we celebrated a birthday! Rebekah Minter is not only a mother (of two adorable and precious girls) but she is having a birthday this week! Since it lands a weekday, we celebrated her birth yesterday as well celebrating the Motherhood of the Grandma’s, Auntie’s and Mother’s in our home. We had a delicious meal and a scrumptious cake and cupcakes. We weren’t too sure what to get our dear Mother’s, but the Lord already had something in mind! Friday, Gordon Skinner brought home a small load from the Food Distribution. In that load were just the gifts we needed to give! We just thank God for how He always provides, and is so faithful to do so!

This month has only started and already we’re off to a full swing (Frankly, we’ve been in a full swing for a good year and half now! Praise God that we are able to continue the work of His kingdom!)! We first would like to wish Gordon and Teresa a happy 20th wedding anniversary! We are so blessed by how God has used these two precious people, and we can’t thank them enough for remaining faithful to the vision God has imparted to them and through them.

This week, Teresa and Gordon went to Los Angeles for a hearing on a solar project that’s slated to begin, 256 acres of solar panels will be placed near our home and also directly across the street from us. The dust that this causes is a problem for those of us here at home who suffer from asthma and C.O.P.D. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). In the last year, we have had three major dust storms, where you couldn’t even see across the yard, which are result of previous solar projects and the lack of vegetation to hold down the dirt. During this meeting, Teresa and Gordon represented our ministries and expressed concerns about this upcoming project, the impact it would have on our health, our surrounding neighbors and our international guests who come. Your prayers are appreciated as we seek the Lord’s council and negotiate with the solar companies.

This month, we’re excited for our upcoming classes! For those who haven’t yet heard, we are hosting “God’s Redemptive Plan for the Nations” as part of our Cross Culture Evangelism Series on May 23-24, 2014. The seminar will be taught by Dr. Gabriel Ward, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have him here, imparting to our new trainees ways to effectively reach indigenous peoples with the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in learning more about this class and registering, visit our Registration Page!

Cross Cultural Training Updated Flyer

Mission Acts and Michael Waldrup, has connected us with Jonathan McBride. Jonathan McBride is a young man who ministers around the world and is building an orphanage in Zambia. He will build ten houses where each house would have house parents and ten orphans. Currently, Mr. McBride has built several of these houses already on a large compound. However, there are no house parents currently set up in the homes, which is a dire need for this ministry. We have been praying for short term and long term missionaries. This has been a point of prayer for us now in these last months.

So friends, you now know what is going on this month. We thank each of you for your continued support in your prayers! It helps to know there are so many of you lifting us up. Be sure and know that we are lifting you up as well! Some of you may know that we had been calling and updating our contact information as well praying for each of you and the needs of those you love. We are continuing to pray for you all. We love you very much! Be on the look out for next week’s message from Rev. Agnes to be in your inbox! God bless you!


Love, your

All Nations Family