Hello family! We pray you all are well. We’ve been enjoying the fireplaces as the weather begins to cool down. This past weekend, we saw the end of our chaplaincy training. It was about 45 hours of topics varying from crisis respond, the role of chaplains, suicides prevention, intervention, chaplains in various settings, and much, much more. As our instructor said, it was a drink through a fire hose, but what a wonderful class! We had a group of 14, from all over the valley, from various churches. It was a powerful time of learning, growing in the Lord and His word and His Kingdom principles, plus we gained a new friend and member of the family. Chaplain Ken is an extraordinary man, one who is of the same heart, and we all walked away with more than just book knowledge, but with a new friendship that was ordained by God.



This last week we had our young Kairos group over. They did a beautiful job helping Annella with the front yard, planting some flowers for the spring. After breaking up into groups, some when into the studio to begin the recording process of their 30 second ad. The other group continued their spiritual mapping, talking about which schools would be targeted over the next month, but also talking about some issues that they’re currently dealing with, issues that they’re generation struggle with, both in and out of school. We’re excited with God is positioning these youth to do here in the Valley.


We’re preparing ourselves for the events and guests that are coming here within the next month, and we’ll be sure to share them with you all!

We love you all very much. Blessings!