Precious family,

Life has changed since the passing of Sister Gertrude last month. Because of the suddenness of her leaving, our attentions are focused mainly in Uganda: instating a new Executive Director, seeing that the children become sponsored and that their wellbeing is taken care of. For so many of those children, Sister Gertrude was Grandmother, their source of strength, love. A symbol that their future was better than their past. She was more than just a guardian. Teresa and Annella found out that the many of the unsponsored children were taken care of by Sister Gertrude herself. Her passing has left many of the children worried and their grief is deep. Many of the children have no sponsors for the continuation of their education. We are considering creating a special fund, the Gertrude Kabatalemwa Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will provide the students who are unsponsored with the opportunity to continue their education at Nyamabuga with confidence. In the weeks and months ahead, your continued prayers are coveted as we and the NEEPUganda team prayerfully work towards a new future for all involved in Uganda. Explore the different ways you can become a part of the work on the NEEPUganda Donation page by clicking this link.

Another area we have prayerfully decided to move forward with is Casaq The Eagle. An amazing door has opened to us with the Crow Nation in Montana, through our dear friends Pastors Yaseer and Monique Handall. We have the opportunity to bring Casaq The Eagle to this years’ Crow Fair in August. Crow Fair is one of the largest Native gatherings in North America, attracting hundreds of people from all over the country. When Sister Gertrude passed we were not sure if both NEEPUganda and Casaq could be taken care. But God made a mighty provision so that Teresa can focus on NEEPUganda and Casaq will be taken care of. While she was on the phone with Pastor Yaseer, Pastor Yaseer and his wife offered to take on the task of organizing and directing the play in Montana. It is a huge blessing and we are excited to see Casaq will impact lives in Montana!

The Ordination and Leadership classes are steadily progressing, and it’s so beautiful to see how every time we meet the Lord shows up and brings revelation, breakthrough and blessing.  Throughout the course of the classes, we have had different individuals who have come in to visit a class, and have walked away with more than we may ever know. It’s precious and He deserves all the glory! Another aspect of the classes we are very excited about is the translating of the curriculum! Two of our students who are Spanish speakers are translating the course as we go through it, meaning that our Pastoral and Leadership curriculum will be available to twice as many people! Thank you Jesus!

Be sure to read this week’s message from Rev. Agnes entitled “Preparation To Go To The Nations”. This message packed a mighty word, “straight from the Holy Spirit” as Agnes says. God’s word is always relevant, because His culture never changes, His principles are always firm and His righteousness is true. But it never ceases to amaze us when we read a word that is timely!

God bless you family. Have a great week!

Love, your family at

All Nations

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