Hello Family!

We pray each of you are doing well, and enjoying the weather.

This week we had an amazing praise report we wanted to share:

Teresa Skinner was heading down to Indio, where a very sick friend of hers lived. Before leaving, she had wanted to bring a small, orange Gideon Bible to give them, but forgot to put it in the car. As Teresa and her friend were visiting, she asked them what it was they wanted, and they answered peaches and a Bible. So off she went to get the peaches and bible. Teresa said she felt the Lord tell her to go to a specific store, and there she would find both Bible and peaches. Peaches she found, but the sales associates told her that they didn’t sell bibles, perhaps she could go to the nearby Walmart and find what she needed. As Teresa was paying the cashier for the peaches, one of the store managers asked the cashier if they had a Bible. Off ran the cashier, and returned with a Bible! The store manager was herself a Christian and without hesitation, asked Teresa’s friend needed a visit from the pastor, and both ladies exchanged numbers. Leaving the store, Teresa said she laughed to herself, because the Bible the cashier came back with was a small, orange Gideon Bible, just what she had wanted to take! Teresa said that later the store manager told her that she felt the Lord tell her to find a Bible, even though Teresa had never asked that particular manager! Isn’t God wonderful? It’s a blessing to know there are those who hear and obey the voice of the Lord. Hallelujah!


Speaking on the voice of the Lord, this month is Prayer Needs month, where we are praying for YOU, our family! In what way can we be praying for you, your family and your needs? Let us know in the box below. It will send us a direct email with your name and prayer request. God bless you!


Love, your

All Nations Family