Hello Family!

This month has been a month of worship and praise! In the circumstances we face these days, what better way is there to bring His much needed presence to the world, than through praise and worship?

Teresa Skinner was recently invited to minister in praise and worship at church in Fontana, Ca. Along with Teresa were Carrie Duren, who ministered in worship dance, and Ashley Flores. The presence of the Lord was so strong, and the pastor said “If I didn’t have a special speaker tonight, I would just let it continue!” We appreciate how God is faithful, always showing up and ministering to each person. Such encounters with God is what changes lives!

This past Sunday (July 10) here at home, we had a night of Worship and Praise BBQ, because what event is complete without food? We invited musicians from various churches to join us in fellowship with a meal and just worshipping in the sweet presence of God. We had 5 churches represented, and we had a great time together. It’s truly a wonder to experience what Jesus tells the Samaritan woman in John 4:23 “…true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth…”

Now for some exciting news: our curriculum is finished! In English that is. We are in the process of having the curriculum translated in Spanish as well! Another piece of the curriculum we are translating is the “Creation Video”, which is in the “Foundation Series”. When Teresa began putting the curriculum together, she had a desire to create a video about Creation that would depict not just the creation of the earth and animals, but depicted a realistic Adam. The video is English but we plan on having it narrated in Spanish, Arabic and more languages. Have you watched the Creation video? If not, click here to view. Our prayer is to have the curriculum translated in as many languages as we can. We appreciate you, our family, in how you have been contending with us for the completion of the curriculum. Thank you.

We have another bit of news in the training department. Back in the 1990’s, Teresa and Gordon Skinner, Annella Whitehead and several others spent time in the Philippines with Gordon Robertson teaching at Asian Center for Missions. Several of our ministry partners and pastors stem from those classes. Recently, Hannah Elloso (who taught our TESOL Class back in 2013), one of our former students from that period, contacted us. She told us how many of her classmates from that batch still remember the classes and want very much to be a part of doing Isaiah 58 with us. Can you imagine? Over 20 years later, and the lessons taught by the Holy Spirit still resonate within them! And they want to come and work with us. Only God can take something from so long ago and make it viable in His kingdom. Praise God!

We feel the burning, pressing need to propel the Gospel as much and as far as He would have us to go. Our family plays such an important part of that. The community we have in you, through your prayers, love and support create a synergy that can’t be stopped, because it is fueled by His Spirit.

What is synergy? The Oxford Dictionary defines as: “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.” Powerful, isn’t it? And when the Holy Spirit is a part of that interaction, no force on earth, no demonic plans, can quench what the Fire of the Lord has lit.

Until next time,

Love, Your Family at All Nations International