Hello family, welcome to another week!

Not too long ago, Teresa made the suggestion that it would be nice if we shared with our family the faces of those who volunteer their time and effort here at home. So this week, we decided to start by highlighting one of the Mothers in our home: a connoisseur of all things chocolate, humorous, faithful, praying Mother, transcriber extraordinaire and hardworking volunteer. Mother Jennene Jeffrey, Teresa’s Mother, is our Volunteer Highlight this week! Mother Jennene has been with us for many years. Even when she’s not with us here at home, you’ll find her faithfully transcribing one of Agnes’ many messages. She has done so many, that her old laptop had the indentations of her fingers on the keys, and some of letters had rubbed off! To date, Jennene has transcribed over 500 messages!

Mother Jennene, hard at work!

Mother Jennene, hard at work!

You might be wondering, “What’s happening to all those messages?” After the initial transcription, they are edited for grammar and accuracy. After that second phase of editing, we are posting them on line. Did you know that by clicking on our blog on the website, you can search for Agnes’ Messages? Mother Jennene also helped us scan thousands of photos at the beginning of this year for our Archive Project. As you may remember, the Archive Project started as a way to preserve the important foundation laid in the past by the Lord through Agnes, helping us move toward the future with the work the Lord has for us.

Thanks to the work of Mother Jennene and the countless hours transcribing, we will have the ability to share God’s vision for His people to the whole world! So what does Jennene do when she’s not transcribing? Often times you’ll find Jennene working around the kitchen or the laundry room with Virginia Russell: putting dishes away, washing, folding and putting away bath and kitchen towels. She keeps up with some of you our family with phone calls and a listening ear. Sometimes you can find her reading a book on her Kindle, checking her emails or  writing kind and encouraging words to her loved ones on Facebook (See, Grandmothers can be tech savvy! She sends text and picture messages too). When anyone needs a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on, Jennene is always available with the patience and wisdom of a saint. She has a fantastic sense of humor that can really make you laugh, and a razor sharp mind. Her quiet but peaceful presence is missed when she leaves to Kentucky, and we always look forward to her return visits.

We appreciate all you do Mother Jennene! She helps and edifies us here at home and across the world, with her prayers and tasks that are never small in our eyes. Read this week’s message “Behold, I Do A New Thing”, transcribed by Jennene.


God bless you all! Until next time,

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