Hello Family!
Things have been flying around here, and the holidays aren’t even here yet! We thank God for how He’s moving and we can’t wait to share it with you!


We’ve had some wonderful visitors come through our home, old ministry family, and it was a joy to spend time with them! One of these was Brother Charles and Sister Penny Hockenberry. They were in our area and came to our home to share at our evening meeting. Sister Penny had a powerful word for the ministry and for each one at the service. The presence of the Lord was so strong, and we thank God for the opportunity to see our dear friend. No long after seeing Sis. Penny, we heard that Omer Jeffrey was in town. He came to visit us and meet some of the newer members of our house and visit some he hadn’t seen in some time. He spoke at our dear friend’s Bishop Kengga’s church, as well as at a prayer service led by Pastor Isaiah (known as Brother Sunday by some).  Those who could were invited to the prayer service. The service also included a word from Sister Penny, as well as a word from Omer and Pastor Isaiah.  We enjoyed the time of ministry, and a fresh word.


One of the facets of ministry we have been working has been Casaq The Eagle, a book turned play, written and directed by Teresa Skinner. Casaq tells the story of Lonely Egg, an eagle egg that falls from a nest, to be picked up by a shepherd boy and taken to a farm. As the egg hatches, the baby eagle is raised by a chicken, and knows not of his true identity. Three Elder eagles from the same mountain top are sent to mentor and train the young eagle to reach his destiny. The story encourages readers that it is possible to rise out of the circumstances they are in, and with wisdom, determination, compassion and hope, their lives can change.

The play was invited to be a part of a youth revival that took place in Arizona, on the Fort Mohave Indian Reservation. The event was a call from the Native Youth, to the Native Youth and to the Youth of the United States. A call to rise out of the bondage’s that are entrapping the youth – addictions, issues with abandonment, lust, rejection, hopelessness – and be who the Lord created them to be. Never in the history of the world, has there been a gathering of the Native Nations for such a purpose: To worship Jesus, and cry out for an outpouring of His Spirit over the youth and for revival to break out over the land.  We were so blessed and honored to be a part of what was truly a historic event.


One visitor who is still with us, is our dear Pastor Sylvester Alanwoko, from Nigeria! Pastor Sylvester has been with for about three weeks, speaking at churches about the work going on in Nigeria. What a wonderful work it has been!


Beginnings of Training Center in Nigeria!

The beginnings of the new Training Center in Nigeria! Pastor Sylvester has been speaking at numerous churches about the training center. The training center will have two floors, the upper level will be the housing quarters, with each room being like a small apartment. The lower level will have rooms and a chapel where services can be held. Pastor Sylvester explained the building process, how each brick is made by hand, then laid out, and how we could be a part of the foundation being laid for future generations. He told of how the center is being built on National standards, as the center will be able to house missionaries from all over the world, to be trained in the model and vision of Isaiah 58.


We praise God for how He’s moving not just in our country, but all over the world, with the vision and heart of Isaiah 58. It’s a blessing to be a part of His work for His Kingdom.


We love you all, so very much! God bless each and every one of you!


Your family at All Nations International.