Hello family!

We pray you are all doing well! Many things have gone on from the last time we wrote to you all. Before we go into new and upcoming things, we’ll go over the things that we had talked about in our previous post.

We did Casaq the Eagle again for the students of Lancaster High School, and for the Soboba Indian Reservation and are pleased to say it went very well! The cast was happy to be back together again, especially those who were in the Philippines. Some familiar faces turned out for this performance, one of them being Jordan Skinner, to reprise the role of Compa. Also on hand was Edgar Skinner, who participated as one of the Baby Sheep (and an adorable Baby Sheep he was!). There are no scheduled performances of Casaq for the moment, but be alert! You never know when or where Casaq will fly to next.

Our visit with Sister Gertrude was short but precious. The African Tea Party was a success, with a bigger turn out than anticipated! There were representatives from various churches in the Valley who joined us as Sister Gertrude shared some tender and intimate testimonies of God’s faithfulness towards her and the children of the School. It was a beautiful time with delicious food. We would like to thank Annella Whitehead for all the work and prepartion of the meal, as well as her dear friend Jo! Jo provided her well loved melktert (milk tart) and koeksister (a syryp coated, plaited doughnut that is delicious), making it a sumptuous fare!

Sister Gertrude spoke at Bishop Kengga’s church, United Christian Fellowship the next day and again shared her testimony. Bishop Kengga challenged his congregation, and told Sister Gertrude that he along with his wife, Pastor Kenitra, would definitely go and visit Sis. Gertrude in Uganda. We want to thank Bishop Kengga, Pastor Kenitra and the church of United Christian Fellowship for the love and support they show to Sis. Gertrude and their willingness to help out anyway they can.

Our visit with Stan Bodick was especially enjoyable as we watched the Lord working in His life so wonderfully! We were sad to see him leave for home and look forward to his visit again.


Sommer Haven’s F.A.T.I.H. (Food Always In The Home) Classes have started up again and the turn-outs have been wonderful to see. Currently, Bob and Sharon Yocum are here, teaching the classes and spending time with the family. We can’t wait to see how the garden will look this summer, and we’ll be sure to share pictures with you all.


This week’s message is “Let Him Be King”. Be sure to share it!


Til next time.



Your All Nations Family