In just a few short months, it will be 2 years since we made the journey from California to Arizona.

We didn’t know what that would look like. Yet, we walk into this new season with expectation. God met us and showed us far more than we could have imagined. We have found a true church family, neighbors we can call friends and a town that we are happy to call “home”.

We continue to we are invest in our community. We have learned much about Prescott Valley and all of the rich relationships and other things it has to offer. There is a rich, Christ-loving network here, and it has been a blessing to us.

One of those relationships is the church were we attend. They welcome us with open arms and warm hearts. Last year, and this year they helped purchase study bibles, for pastors and students in Nigeria. Such an amazing blessing! Members made hats for Asia and gave books bags to Uganda. This precious church is our home church!

We marvel to see how God sent out the Isaiah 58 Mobile Training Institute around the world, literally! Our curriculum is on THREE continents: Africa, Asia and North America. This year, we were able to publish: God’s Food Resources. This manual has key principals the Lord established, through Rev. Agnes, these last 64 years on giving food to the needy, agriculture and animal husbandry. We hear reports of how God has used this curriculum to propel an even greater move of His Spirit amongst pastors, churches and individuals.

Since our move, we have been to Nigeria, Uganda, India, Mexico, the Soboba Indian Reservation, and back to California.

In Nigeria, we brought the curriculum to two different villages. An incredible hope spread amongst the pastors as they were outfitted with the word of God in a tangible and teachable way. We distributed more than 1000 copies! Now, more than 700 pastors are being trained, and God is bringing revival. Almost 300 hundred churches incorporated the curriculum as part of their new believer’s and new member’s classes. This means hundreds of unreached people in the villages will hear the Gospel!

While in Uganda, we heard children of Nyamabuga Foundation Schools recite what they learned from the Isaiah 58 Mobile Training Institute. Since our visit, the school has grown to nearly 400 students. However, there are needs the school has, which has made it difficult for them. Currently, the school’s tractor is in dire need of a transmission, which is $2000. The tractor is what helps Emmanuel harvest food on the school’s 67-acre farm. The farm has been providing the food for the school since 2015. This provides the only meal for some children and cuts costs for the school. However, the absence of the tractor means money is being spent on buying food for the school, rather than being funneled into other areas. We are standing with Emmanuel and Nyamabuga for a miracle.

March 2018 was our trip to India. We reconnected with our precious family and brought a seminar and the curriculum. Pastor Kumar invited us to his Easter service. Much like the States, Easter is a time where even non-believers will come into the doors of church. We were honored to share with all about the mighty power of Jesus!

Pastors Yaseer and Monique Handall, as well as Pastors Virginia and Albert Duenas invited us to the Arise Native American Leaders Youth Camp at the Soboba Indian Reservation. We brought a team of 8, three from Prescott, Arizona, two from California, who are in the mobile training, Ashley Flores, Gordon and Teresa Skinner. God moved powerfully at Arise Camp and the team experienced the Lord’s presence so strong. One of the young people on our team felt the call missions on the reservation.

Back in Lancaster, tremendous things are being birthed! Tracy and Mark Vaughan, directors of Love on Purpose Ministries, shared with us how God is moving among the homeless. They introduced us to a husband and wife who have a ranch with animals, a garden, and a place where people come, worship and grow in the Lord. Annella Whitehead travels from Arizona to California to lead the Agriculture Training.

So much fruit, so much growth…and it’s all by His sovereign hand.

As we enter into our 64th year, we look toward the future.

Some faces are the same…some have joined that heavenly cloud of witnesses…and some faces are new.

More and more young people join us, desiring to be trained in His fast and to live for His purpose.

Moving forward, how we do what we do may look different, but the end goal remains the same: Demonstrate God’s Love to the Nations, through Isaiah 58.