This could have easily been a 500-person dinner.

65 years of Isaiah 58 in thousands of people’s lives. The late Rev. Agnes I Numer, as well as Amy Wang, Gertrude Kabatalemwa, Pauline Mmaduakor, Sylvester Alanwoko , Patricia Capwell, Yeswanth Kumar, Lilly Gnana Pragasam, VA Joseph, Butch Belgica Carmelita Belgica… and so many more have poured Isaiah 58 into our hearts and lives.

So, we are celebrating it with some hamburgers, a simple cake, ice cream and our family gathering. Here’s the beginnings of the cake.

Thanks to Raven for the Mother’s Day gift of a cake mixer, and to Robert Bresnio for the cake mix, to Lucille Delnevo for the eggs. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

It takes all of us to fill these small shoes of Agnes I Numer.

How are you celebrating today? Send some photos of how you are celebrating this 65th Anniversary of Isaiah 58 in your life?