Merry Christmas Eve to our wonderful family! Here is 2012 at a glance. We pray each of you have a wonderful Christmas, and a fantastic New Year. Love, Your All Nations Family

All Nations International/Sommer Haven International

January 2012

We were so happy to spend not only Christmas, but New Year’s with our wonderful Mom’s! They were such a help as we began to prepare for the Casaq the Eagle debut, which was a mere month away! Three times a week we had rehearsals: one day at a local high school for those who lived in, one day at United Christian Fellowship, and one day at the Soboba Indian Reservation. We also had a few all cast dress rehearsals on Saturdays. It was during one of these rehearsals where we found an actor for the last character in our play: Steve Cacciacarne played the role of Mr. Raven. And a better Mr. Raven couldn’t be found! Trudi Fudala played the role of Mother Chicken, and Michelle Palma and Sylvia Simpson, daughter of Bishop Henry Hearns of Livingstone Cathedral, took turns playing the role of Sister Chicken. Jordan Skinner, Leon Vielle, Michael Poloai and Joey Bread played the role of the four Eagles, and Marilyn Bread was our Storyteller. Annella Whitehead, Virginia Russell, Lloyd Simrose, Ashley Flores and so many more were involved with the play: flying kites, sewing, dancing, and assisting in any way possible. You can imagine our excitement when we found out that the Valley Press, our local paper, had a sprawling cover page article on the play! We were so blessed, and we thank everyone who helped us advertise and spread the word about the play.

A miracle happened during this time, very close to the debut performance of the play. We had been scheduled to do the play on February 2nd, two days before the debut performance. Last minute, the venue had cancelled due to extraneous circumstances. As we were at our last dress rehearsal, Teresa had made the announcement at the end of practice. So many of were disappointed, but it couldn’t be helped. As we stood around, ready to leave, Albert Dueñas received a phone call from Pastor Yaseer Handall. Pastor Yaseer told Albert that he felt the Lord telling him to call and ask what was going on. In less than 10 minutes, the Lord had opened the door to Sherman Indian School, which Pastor Yaseer volunteered at on a weekly basis with his wife. We had met Pastor Yaseer briefly at the Soboba Indian Reservation, and knew he was a man we would want to work with. Surely, the Lord is good!!

February 2012

February 2nd 2012, we headed down to Sherman Indian School in Riverside for first performance before our debut, and the students enjoyed themselves, especially when Mother Chicken made her entrance! Many students wanted pictures with the cast, especially of the Eagles in their regalia, face paint and wings.

Armed with a performance under our belt, we faced the next performance with joy and excitement. On February 4th, 2012 at the Livingstone Cathedral of Worship we held our debut of the play for the Antelope Valley. It was encouraging to see the faces of our family in the audience, some as far away as Long Beach to attend our performance. It was more than a performance, it was ministry. At the end of the play, Bishop Henry Hearns made an altar call, and Bishop Kalem Kengga (formerly known as Edwin Derensbourg) spoke as well. It was amazing to hear the people thank us for the play, telling how many of them needed forgiveness in their lives, some in an area they least expected. To read a full account of the play, visit:

At the end of this month we had a welcomed visitor pop in to see us: Lucille Delnevo! It was great to spend time with our dear friend, and the fellowship we had was wonderful! Lucille was and remains to be such and encouragement to us. We appreciated seeing her and enjoyed the wonderful meal she cooked for us!

March 2012

Spring came and with it brought a wedding! The wedding of Leon Vielle to the beautiful Karen was held in our home on March 3rd. They held both the service and the reception here, and how gorgeous it was! We are so honored to be a part of Leon and Karen’s special day.

Brother Michael Waldrup came out for a small visit, which is always a treat. Michael always has something powerful to share with us from the Lord.

The dust hadn’t even begun to collect on Casaq the Eagle when we received several invitations to do the Casaq the Eagle play again in May! The Lord truly is truly a wonderful, creative God! We’re excited at all the doors and opportunities the Lord is creating, through a simple book that Teresa felt led to write. It is a good reminder of how our faithfulness is the little, can lead to great things.

April 2012

In April, Teresa Skinner was asked by the people of the Twin Eagles Ministry on the Morongo Indian Reservation to teach a class on spiritual warfare. Teresa presented simple, practical yet powerful teachings on the armor of God, who God is, and many other areas of warfare. The Lord is moving mightily in Morongo, and it’s powerful to see the seed planted years ago begin to grow and come to fruition.

While the bible studies were going on, we began preparing for the next round of performances for the Casaq the Eagle play. This time, instead of two performances, we were doing seven of them starting May 2nd and ending May 6th. Much of the cast was the same, with the exception of a few. Jordan Skinner was not able to be an Eagle this time around, so Pastor Yaseer Handall, a wonderful brother in the Lord, stepped up to play the part of Compa, one of the Elder Eagles. His family also came and helped us out. Mother Chicken this time was Letty Mejia, one of the Sommer Haven Church School Alumni, as well as her whole family! Her husband Adam was the Spanish storyteller for one of our performances, Letty’s children played, Storm Dancers Sheep and a Shepherd boy. How we were able to perform at Letty’s church was another one of those beautiful miracles!

We were looking for a venue to perform at on May 6th. The venue we had, had to reschedule. Fifteen minutes after the cancellation, Letty called us and invited us to have it at her church. When Pastor Manuel Lopez heard about Casaq the Eagle and the ministry of hope and forgiveness behind it, he wanted to meet with Teresa. As Teresa, Gordon, Letty and her husband Adam sat together in our home with Pastor Manuel, we soon realized that this was another divine appointment! Pastor Manuel told how for weeks prior, he had been preparing his congregation for an outreach on May 6th, yet there was no event yet planned. While talking with Teresa, he knew that was the event they had been praying for! The Lord’s goodness and ways never cease to amaze us!

May 2012


The first week of May took us down to the San Bernardino area. We performed the play at a high school in the area four times in one day! We also were able to perform at the Noli Indian School on the Soboba Reservation, and at a Powwow in Victorville. The last performance was at the Rio De Dios Iglesia Cristiana, Letty and Adam’s church. So many people came to the front to receive ministering and healing in forgiveness. The whole week was filled with God’s glory as He reached so many through the play.

The Lord brought so many different people together for this play that really, we have all become a family and we thank God for each person who had come alongside us to bring this play to the people, and who have taken this vision of ministering forgiveness and hope as a vision of their own. To read more about that week, visit:

Also this month, our dear Mary Leonard came back for another seminar on “Preparing God’s People to Minister in Crisis”. This time, Bishop Henry Hearns hosted us at the Livingstone Cathedral of Worship. Mary was also asked to minister at the Oasis Christian Church, as Teresa Skinner led worship.

What’s Next?

We will be having an estate sale the first two weekends in June. We want to thank John and Carrie Duren and Patricia Wells for helping us in this task. We met these precious people through doing the Casaq the Eagle play, and we’re proud to have them as a part of our family. Teresa Skinner will be heading to Philadelphia later in the month for the annual All Nations Prayer Warrior Society gathering. Also in June, we will be performing the Casaq the Eagle play at the Morongo Indian Reservation. This new branch of ministry has been such an incredible journey!

God is moving quickly and mightily in the ministry and the world. We want to be sure to keep you, our family, informed of how He is moving amongst us! We have started a blog where we will be posting current entries on what is happening here at home. The web site is: On there, we will keep you informed on events and happenings here, and words that the Lord gives us. You can follow our posts by clicking the “Sign Up!” button under the “Care to Join?” section of our page, and registration on WordPress is not necessary.

There has been many times where you have told us how you wish you could read some of Agnes’ messages. Now we are bringing them to you! Our dear Mom Jennene has transcribed almost 300 of Agnes’ messages to date, and now we’re posting FULL length messages on the web! When you visit, you can read the messages as we edit and post them! Also on that page, you can post your favorite memories of Agnes, even if you’re not a registered user of WordPress! Just click the “Memories of Agnes” button and fill out the submission form!

We want to thank you for your continued support and prayers.

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