Welcome to our special Resurrection Day Recap!

What a beautiful Resurrection Day we had this year. Last year, the Lord put it on Annella Whitehead and Gordon Skinner’s heart to have a sunrise service for Easter. Carrie Durren, one of our amazing volunteers enjoyed it so much she encouraged us to do it again this year. So Leon and Karen Vielle officiated the service. At 6 am, our family was outside singing praises to our King, gathered by the wooden cross that stands in our front yard. Afterwards, Karen Vielle shared a scripture and Gordon served communion. At 6:33 am, the sun began to rise and Leon Vielle led our family in singing “Hallelujah” on his drum as Karen, Rebekah Minter and Ashley Flores changed the black cloth on the cross to a deep purple sash, signifying the resurrection of our King! Later in the day, Carrie and her family, Marva Beauvoir and her family and many others gathered around our table for Easter Sunday dinner. We look forward to those days, where we can share a meal and fellowship with those we call family! Below are pictures of our Easter Sunday. How did you spend your Easter? Let us know!


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We love you all!

Remember He is Risen, Christ the Hope of Glory!

Love Your Family at All Nations

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