Talk about a word in due season! As we entered the new year here at All Nations, we felt the Lord propelling us to zero in on certain areas: completing projects, focusing more on our international outreaches, and guiding our trainees on what a fasted, servant lifestyle really means. This message, given in 1993, resonates with us just as much today as it did then.


Come To The Mountain

I thank God for the vision of what He is doing in the world today. We have a task set before us that only God can do; but as we allow him to use us as His servants doing His bidding, it can be accomplished.

We are talking about being a servant of Christ not a servant of one another and if we are His servant, His love will abide in us.  This has been our theme from the beginning of our missionary training: whatever we do, we do it as unto the Lord.  We find that if we allow this principle of the kingdom to be manifested in us and through us, we will flow by the Spirit of God and much is accomplished.  They said to Nehemiah, “You can’t build that wall, look at the debris.  How are you going to get rid of it?”

Sometimes we see a lot of debris in our lives or around us and we wonder what’s going to happen.  Other people come up and they can’t see the progress we’ve made.  I kind of think that is the way it looks around the Ranch right now.  It looks like it’s just a mess of debris; but we are building something; we are building what God has called us to build in order that we might take this gospel to the ends of the earth.

I truly anticipate great and mighty things from Him through us; because Christ is in us.  Others may not understand; but if we line up with the Spirit of God and the Word, and move by His Spirit, He’s going to get the job done.  We are looking far beyond the work and beyond the debris.

Nehemiah looked and saw the wall finished and God dropped into their hearts a desire to work.  We must see the finished work and the purpose of God.  We’re not here just for us to help with things here, or for this valley, or for Los Angeles, or the surrounding area.  We must see the finished work all over the world.

The Lords provision for us last year was astonishing, amazing beyond anything that we could comprehend in our finite mind.  What He has purposed for us in the New Year is far beyond our human comprehension but we need to arise and let him come in and do what He wants in our life.  If we start fighting against it then He will let us settle on the road and He’ll go on and move without us.

We not only have land to prepare; but there are various other things He has called us to do.  If people really knew the little amount money that operates this huge work you would be astounded with what is accomplished, by him, with very little finances.

With the completion of these buildings there will be a complete training center.  In it will be the complete work that will go around the world.  We will then have the facilities that enable us to get these training materials into the hands of people in other countries.  He has called us to put them together and train a people and who will take it into other nations and train them also.

It may seem a very small thing to let Jesus be our leader and allow Him to be in control of our lives.  It is of upmost importance; for only then can He accomplish, by the flow of His Spirit, the fulfillment of His plan.  It is very essential that we have the understanding of what God is doing in each of us.  It is God who has called us and who is preparing us.  If you are living here it is different than it is with others; because He is requiring us to give our all, so that we can flow together as one body.

We have many nations represented in this room haven’t we?  Many nationalities and yet God moves by His Spirit and He accomplishes His purpose.  We must not lose sight of the fact that the main requirement is Christ to be in us and we must let him take His place in our lives.  It is important to know that we decrease as He increases day by day.

Because we are busy people and we are fulfilling the whole gospel it might seem like we are sort of like Martha, busy about other things.  But these other things are ordained of the Lord so we must put it in it’s place and allow God to flow through us in the natural as well as the spiritual.

God took me out of the bondages of men and one of the main things He taught me is that He never separated the spiritual man from the natural man.  When we became Christians He separated us from the worldly things; but He comes to have charge of our natural life and to have authority over it.

In the Christian world today we are so badly separated from the world that no one wants it.  We don’t understand that God created man in a Garden of Eden and gave him responsibility for everything.  But man gave it away to Satan and the world is in a mess.

Satan is trying to destroy God’s entire creation because Christians have not understood.  They have not stood up and allowed God to fight through them, not fighting people, but coming into an agreement with God so that Christ could pull down the enemy strongholds in the world today.  We look at it and at people all over the world and blame God; because, in our mind, we didn’t do it.  It was Adam’s own decision; therefore we are not responsible.  Mankind is making his own decisions, which have taken him into his own unholy partnerships.

But way back in Bible times the children of Israel waited 100 years for God to help them when they were slaves and cruelly treated in Egypt; but the moment the Lord gets them over the Red Sea they began to murmur.  In Egypt they had cried for God to take them out and He did, with the greatest miracles they had ever known.  He showed that this God was the great “I AM” and as soon as they got to the other side they cried to God “Why did you take us out of Egypt?”

God had brought them out of Egypt to bring them into His presence so that they would know him and they could live in His love, and peace, and joy; but they made a statement.

Deuteronomy 5:24 “And ye said, Behold the Lord our God hath shewed us his glory and his greatness, and we have heard his voice out of the midst of the fire: we have seen this day that God doth talk with man, and he liveth.

25 Now therefore why should we die? For this great fire will consume us: if we hear the voice of the Lord our God any more, then we shall die.

26 For who is there of all flesh, that hath heard the voice of the living God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as we have and lived?

27 Go thou near, and hear all that the Lord our God shall say: and speak thou unto us…”

They don’t want God.  “Why should we die?  This fire will consume us.”  The very thing that God created man for was to worship him.  He would be our God and we would be His people.  Here if they had looked up at the mountain and said, “We want this, we want your presence; we want you to change our life,” they would never have wondered 40 years in the wilderness.

God tells us they were all there.  They said, “God, go away!  You talk to us through Moses; but not directly to us.  Just go away God.   He was grieved!  He brought them out through His miracles; but they wanted their own way.  God was with Moses and He wrote the Ten Commandments with the finger of His own hand while down in the valley Aaron had melted all of the jewelry from Egypt and they were building themselves an idol.  Why?  Because they had rejected the God who created them!

He wanted them to talk to him and for him to be their leader.  All through the word of God there is one plea, “If you will hear my voice, I will be your God and you will be my people.”  God knew what they were going to do in that valley.  They were going to join with the God’s of Egypt to be destroyed wondering around 40 years in that wilderness.  They chose not to hear God!

I believe in this place God is requiring of us to hear him and to let him flow through us and give us the part that He has for us.  Moses came down out of the mountain and brought the Ten Commandments.  What use were they?  They were written by God himself and they would still work, today, if people would obey them.

In America we are trying to blot them out, robbing people of the Living God who can give us life.  God says, “Hear my voice I will give you rest.”  Let him take your life and feel the fulfillment of His plan for you.

The latter Moses, Jesus, is with us today.  He has chosen us in this hour to be changed into His own likeness with a purpose.  We go as His representative, with His love and compassion and His kingdom power.  Are we going to be like the children of Israel and say, “God go away?”   Are you going to tell God, “You can talk to Agnes or someone else but don’t talk to us?”  We don’t have 40 years; we only have a moment at a time.

Jesus is saying, “I want to live in you.  I am the way and the truth.  Choose me.  I set before you, life and death; curses and blessings.  Choose life; choose blessings!  It is up to us to agree with him.  This is the greatest hour!  Jesus is arising in His creation and we have the privilege of allowing him to be the “Christ” in our life and move through us, to the glory of God.

What a mighty privilege we have, moment by moment, as we go into it realizing the Lord is in charge of us.  It is our responsibility to have him in our lives; then He will bring a flowing together of His love.

The enemy is trying to destroy His love and peace and joy.  We have to have a mind to work; it is the Lord that is doing it.  We will not stand in the part that God isn’t doing, for it will crumble; but the part that God is doing is going to remain.

Can you imagine how God felt?  Moses said, “What about all of your promises?” What about all of the promises God has given us here?  It is being fulfilled beyond what we could think.  What if we decide to do it our way when God has already set His plan before us?  We need to realize the seriousness of all of these things.  It must be Christ’s way and He must direct this work the way He wants to direct it.  The children of Israel wanted to talk to God; but they wanted to hear through Moses.  God extended His mercy to the children of Israel.  If we try to press him to the limits, remember those that stiffened their necks, every last one of that generation except Joshua and Caleb, died in the wilderness.

God is calling us to go forward and move in him, forgetting the things that are wrong, and let him put that fire onto us and consume the things that aren’t of him.  Let us remember who He is.  We can’t just sit here all the time, we don’t have it.  We must allow him to speak to us and come forth in us.

I’m sure that Joshua and Caleb would have fallen in the wilderness with them except Caleb says, “We are able to possess the land.”  The two of them are the ones that God used to take them into the Promised Land.  God says, “As I was with Moses, I will be with you.”  He is saying the same thing to us.  Great and mighty things are in store for us.

Other Christians may not understand what we are doing in this place or what He has placed in our hands; but is not for our glory.  It is for the work of the kingdom, that the world might know Jesus.  We have to forget about those that have decided to go their own way.  We need to remember these things and remember that the Lord is talking to us and He wants us to enter into His presence until the glory of the Lord is arisen upon us. Rise because thy light is coming and the glory of the Lord is coming that we might take it to this nation and then run with it to the whole world.  Unto all those that fear His name, He will arise with healing in His wings; but only to those that will let him talk to them.  It is Christ in us that will take His glory to the nations.

Down through these years God has given me the ability when I meet people, I’m aware of what God wants to do in their lives.  You don’t really know anything so I let them find it out themselves.  If we will be honest with ourselves, we know God sent us from other countries for training to be sent back to our own countries.  They haven’t received the Lord and I didn’t tell them.  I try not to interfere. When there is an hour of decision, God will not let me make it.  You have to decide to do it.

The Lord was saying He wanted us to have His message and have a secret place inside where we live with The Almighty.  But the Israelites walked away from the mountain and said “We will die if God speaks to us.”  History tells us the story of the children of Israel.

God created man for His glory and He will do it.  He can live in us; but it is up to us.  You don’t have 40 years.  Praise God that He died for us!  Allow Jesus to come to you and you will live and not die and you will be filled with His glory.  The battle is bad sometimes.  It is him that is the hope of glory and He will move through us and send us to the islands of the sea.

When you realize there are very few Christians out there in all those countries; they are heathens.  God is asking a question in Psalm 2 “Why do the heathens rage?” Almost 99 per cent of the world is raging today and imagining vain things.  The word says “The kings of the earth set themselves…”  I believe we are seeing this in the world today.  They are trying to get God off of the world.  They take counsel together against the Lord, “Let us break the bands…there are very few things which honor God, let us break the bands asunder and cast away our sins.  We don’t want God!”  You can’t mention God.  The leaders decide they wanted to leave God out of things and cast away their cords from us.  “Yet have I set my king on my holy hill of Zion.”  I have scattered the heathen to the uttermost parts of the earth; be wise therefore O kings, and serve the Lord with fear.  Kiss the Son when His wrath is kindled.  This is a true picture of the world today.

What does He want us to do?  He wants us to take this gospel to the world.  They are just like the children of Israel; they have gone their own way.  Christ is the answer!  He is the center of the world.  What are we going to do about it?  We can ask of him and He will use us to take this gospel to the ends of the world.  In Jesus name!  Amen.

Rev. Agnes I. Numer

January 9, 1993