COVID-19 Nigeria

Real People – Real Responses:

What are we doing in Nigeria?


As the corona virus hit my dear country Nigeria the government mandated all to stay at home and shut down the markets. We were thrown into a devastating state as struggle to survive everyday became a bigger threat.  Many people in the poor areas found themselves not trying to survive the virus but instead trying to survive hunger and the basic needs of everyday.

I have a team of Christian friends who have like passion as I do, we reached out to few of these people, putting together our minimal resources in order to purchase some food items which we shared to these families.

The food portion as shown here was shared to 3 of the 9 families within my catchment area.  Out of fear of the virus, I left my phone at home and couldn’t get the pictures of the women.

Today, at my home my team joined me for a morning fellowship.  We are praying also for God’s divine intervention at this challenging time all over the world.

Here are some photos:


Praise God. We were able to reach out to the poor and elderly yesterday. It was a fruitful exercise. The love of God was preached to them and some booklets were distributed. A man was blind, so I had to go to his home to deliver the items to him.

Here are some photos:


This is our Church fellowship Headquarters. The members were sharing the provisions of rice that was provided for them with joy. They were very happy. They prayed fervently for you and your family for allowing God to use you to reach them, and we pray that God will bless immensely in Jesus mighty name. This was last Sunday, at our branch Church in Local Government. They were excited when they saw the gifts and they shared it with Joy and Gladness. They were in dire need and were literally overly excited when they saw me with the food items. They were very happy and they prayed for All Nations International for God to replenish them and bless them. I was the one handling the camera that’s why I didn’t come out in the pics.

I am so excited to be raising chickens thanks to the kind donations, I was able to purchase chicks and feeders to raise up these meat birds.  We hope that this will be a sustainable project for her.