South Africa – land of Mandela

We are facing another COVID-19 spike – it is very serious.

Would you pray with us?

Real People – Real Responses:

Here is what we are doing in South Africa’s Cape Town – the hardest hit area:

From “D” our contact:

I am going to speak to Becky at Life Child as well as a lady who is involved with the homeless. I feel strongly that those are the 2 who should benefit at this time….I will let you know once I’ve sorted things. Will also send pics. Thank You Jesus for Your Provision! ❤️

Hi Annella

As mentioned earlier, the donation to Life Child was R5000. It’s so wonderful to know that the intervention of your organization along with the generosity of the Food Bank has made a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and their families.
Proverbs 11:25…’A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed’.
May God Bless you all!

Life Child:

Watch the videos:

Subject: Fwd: DONATION OF R3000. 00 TO OUR SOUP KITCHEN HAMIGDALOR (The Lighthouse) MINISTRY. To be a Beacon of Light in the city of Sea Point.

Hello Annella,

I told Amanda that the donation was from a food bank in Arizona.

May the Lord Bless them abundantly for their generosity!! And may the Lord Bless you abundantly for hearing His Voice!

I was absolutely amazed how everything just fell into place when you first enquired about needs in South Africa. I am so grateful to God for showing me yet again how He knows where the needs are and how He miraculously places gracious people in the right place at the right time. This Ministry is making such a difference in people’s lives. You will never know how encouraged Amanda and her group are by the Lord’s Provision at this time.

Take care


Subject: DONATION OF R3000. 00 TO OUR SOUP KITCHEN HAMIGDALOR (The Lighthouse) MINISTRY. To be a Beacon of Light in the city of Sea Point.

I want to make use of the opertunity to thank D and your soup Kitchen. We receive this amount of R3000. 00 in cash from D yesterday, when we need it the most.

  1. We giving out daily food to between 120 to 140 and sometimes over 200 homeless people living in the streets of Sea Point.
  2. We giving blankets, toiletries and clothes, every week or when it is necessary.
  3. We share daily the Good News   and also help to equip the homeless, with life skills.
  4. We do not have any more blankets left. Also it is winter. Thank you so much. May God also richly bless your soup Kitchen.
  5. Please send us your prayer requests.
  6. Please pray for us for a building.

May God richly bless you in all of your ways. Your kindness and generosity brings tears of thanks giving into my eyes. That a Soup Kitchen in the USA hear God’s voice for our soup Kitchen in Sea Point, reveals God’s faithfulness, goodness and mercy. What a good and perfect God we worship.

Num. 6:24-26

May His peace be with you

Loving regards