COVID-19 Uganda

Real People – Real Responses:

God used a new pastor to help our school in Uganda. He sent two of his best members to go as administrator and teachers in Nyamabuga  School. We have found the pastor and his wife to be precious people.

Pastor Solomon:

It’s a blessing for your love and support towards us and vulnerable people, the hungry, in our  community. Uganda, during this extended lockdown and shutdown, where hand to mouth most vulnerable workers, with small collapsed jobs are starving. With your support, Food items including Posho, Rice, Cooking oil, and soap were distributed to some 35 families.

This lady cooks outside over a fire.  She was so happy to receive some food during this Covid-19 pandemic.

May God bless you and enlarge you more.

Yours in the Lord,

Brother Solomon


Attached are some of the photos.

“Not even the Neighbours 🐓 🐓 or 🐐🐐in the compound. Not even a single bird is around.”

Nyamabuga Foundational School is strangely silent, we are missing the happy voices of active children.  It is hard to believe that during this lockdown not a child can be seen.

Nyamabuga School is waiting to hear what procedures will be required by the Government in order to reopen.

Emmanuel Mwesigye, Nyamabuga’s Director shares about the situation:

“The government is thinking of reopening schools on the 14th of July. Previously, they promised to open June 17th, but it did not happen. We hope we will open Grades 1 – 6 this month. We are still waiting for the governments guidelines; and we should have them  before the 17th.”

Emmanuel says there will be strict rules in place that ensure students will not be too close to each other, or to the teachers. Also, the teachers will need to stay on the school premises instead of going to their homes or rentals like they normally do. We continue to pray each of you are doing well, as we learn to navigate life in a global pandemic.

Making frequent trips from the farm, loaded with desperately needed

food supplies people cannot get during the lockdown.

In the meantime, our friends at Nyamabuga are busy with sustainability projects that will help feed the children and provide funds for the school.

Emmanuel has not been silent, he has focused NEEPUganda on developing the 67 acre farm to be able to supply fish, chicken, eggs and pork, as well as the essential beans, corn and bananas for the children when they are allowed to return to school.