How We are Dealing With COVID-19

“Believing in God does not negate common sense.” TD Jakes

Little did I know how quickly COVID-19 would visit Africa. Thank God for all of the hand washing classes and for those who are attentive to good sanitation practices.

We continue to pray not just for the United States but for the world.

Here are some quotes that can give us an international perspective:


Hey family, the whole of India is under lock down. No trains, busses or flights will operate for 21 days starting today midnight. The number of COVID cases are much less people here are taking it for granted. There are no masks and no hand sanitizers are available…no food stores are open to buy some basic groceries…keep us in your prayer   -India

With the lock down, life is very difficult here. IT IS SIMPLY HELL, with no water, no electricity, no food, no medicine in hospitals and a temperature of 100 plus degrees, you can imagine what lockdown looks like here.

I understand America like other nations in the world are going through the same situation, but our hardship has no comprehension.  I have tried to manage the situation without letting you know but it seems like it is getting out of hand. People are still coming to me in their numbers asking for food and many of them are not members of our church.  We don’t even know how long this will last but if it goes longer, well, only God can tell.  -Africa

This quarantine has caused so many to come closer to the Lord and closer to their families. It’s the silver lining behind the dark cloud…. the houses are getting a major clean over too …hehehehehe…   -Asia

We sent to our International pastors, as well as links for

Dear International Pastors and Friends:

Over 80% of viruses are spread through our hands when we touch our face.

Our hands become infectious when we touch surfaces which are infected,

or we touch people carrying the virus.

Here are a few ideas which may help during this outbreak of the Corona virus:

  • Have appointed people at each entry door to spray every person’s hands front and back, have them rub their hands together and allow to air dry. This what they are doing in South Africa
  • There are 3 suggestions for what to spray on people’s hands as they come in the door.
  1. Dettol hand spray made with 1 liter of water and 2 caps of Dettol. (Mix fresh daily)
  2. Isopropyl alcohol. 90%
  3. Methylated Spirits. Annella says this can also be used if nothing else is available.
    1. Be careful as this is flammable.

Avoid hugging and handshaking during meetings.  This is difficult because we are so used to greeting and comforting each other in this way.   And this is how the virus is spread.

Resist the temptation of FEAR:

Cover each other with prayer Jas 5:16

Do not allow fear to captivate our minds Phil. 4:6-9

Fill your mind with God’s promises Rom 15:13

Encourage one another

Devote yourselves to prayer and fasting. Col 4:2

Take time to be grateful Prov 17:22

Be kind to one another 1 Pet 4:8

Continue to worship our Powerful and Faithful God

HANDS Wash them often

ELBOW Cough into it

FACE Don’t touch it

SPACE Keep safe distance

HOME Stay if you can