Here it is, our first official All Nations International Blog Post!

This site is to keep you up-to-date on all the things going on here at home! We’ll be posting pictures, event summaries, and weekly updates to keep you, our friends, family and supporters in the know, as well as make us more accessible to you! 🙂

For our first post, here’s a short update on what’s been going in the month of May!

But before we do, some housekeeping:

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So, be sure to check out the pages, and get plugged in!

Now, for our update!

Hello family! So much has been happening within the past several months. At the beginning of this year, we had our debut performance of “Casaq the Eagle” the play, based on the book written by Teresa Skinner. The play was a large undertaking, and involved several churches and youth from the Antelope Valley, and our friends from the Soboba Indian Reservation, but the Lord was our guide through it all! The play took place in February at the Livingstone Cathedral of Worship in Littlerock, California and the response was incredible. So many people were touched by the messages of hope and forgiveness. We hardly anticipated the impact of the play. After our debut, in March the Lord began opening the doors for us to do the play again in May at a public high school in San Bernardino County. The first week of May, we did the play a total of seven times. In that week, we were able to minister to over 2,000 people, sharing the healing that comes with forgiveness, and encouraging the watchers to overcome their own circumstances. Even now, more and more opportunities for ministry continue to come our way and we thank God that we are able to pour out His love to so many people.

Another thing we have been working on is disaster relief preparedness. Last November we held a 3 day seminar called “Preparing God’s People to Minister in Crisis”, which centers on Crisis Ministry, CISM-7 with prayer (Crisis Incident Stress Management), a course recognized by the government, and ministering healing in crisis. The response was so great, that we are holding it again this month, May 19th at Livingstone Cathedral of Worship. We have teamed up with Mary Leonard, a Senior Chaplain at Crisis Response International (CRI) and associated with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, who will be leading the seminar. We’re so blessed to have met Mary as a part of our family, as well those who have come on board this ongoing project.