Good evening family!


This past week has been relatively calm, which we embraced, as we know that in the next coming weeks we would be busy again! We were happy to have our dear friend Nona Babich with us this past weekend, and how she spoiled us! Nona, along with Wanda, cooked for us a beautiful meal, and baked us more sweets than we could eat (yet somehow, we’ve managed to do a good job from making them disappear)!! Every time she comes over, she blesses us by the doing the little things, which we appreciate a great deal!  Another guest that came over was our “cuya” (Filipino for “big brother”), Oscar Thomas. It was nice to visit with him, and see how well and healthy he looked.


Teresa and Gordon headed over to Sherman Indian school as they worked alongside our dear friend, Pastor Yaseer Handall (you can read about Pastor Yaseer in this post), to brief the students on the extracurricular activities being offered to them in this new school year. This year, the students will have the chance to learn Casaq the Eagle and perform it for their peers, as a part of their Theater course. We’re so excited at the opportunity to “get in their space” and teach the children lessons they may not even realize they’re learning. Most importantly, the opportunity will be present to love on them with the Love of God, and by His grace lives will be changed for these teenagers. How creative and ingenious our God is!


There has been something said by one of our Ministry family members, that has kept repeating itself to this writer:

“No matter where you go, the Ranch [All NationsSommer Haven] is always with you. If you see a gap, you jump in and fill it.”

-Letty Mejia (Letty Muñoz)


Letty said this after one of our family members saw her at a wedding. Letty saw that at the wedding, there was a need for dishes to be washed, as there was a limited amount and guests were still waiting to be served. Seeing the “gap” Letty quickly took action, and along with her friend, they began to wash all the dishes as they came in. After so many years, it’s beautiful to see the lesson’s of God’s Kingdom still rooted in our “youth”. It brings to mind a scripture that depicts an example of righteousness:


“Asa did what was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God.”

2 Chronicles 14:2

How we become “righteous” isn’t by performing grand ceremonies or rituals, or some extraordinary thing. Rather, it is by purposefully choosing to do what we know it says in His Word is right. Intentionally being bent on pleasing Him in our everyday life, in the extra ordinary things we do. It is in our seemingly ordinary life, that when we willfully choose to live a Godly way, that His extraordinary power comes and changes our lives.

The things that were used to train us, weren’t just earthly rules, do’s and dont’s. They were Kingdom principles, ways that He wants His children to follow. When we begin to follow those lessons, and actively apply them to our lives, I’m sure we would see such a shift, such a change in our lives, and maybe some would experience the breakthrough they’ve been praying for.


Family, we love you all. We pray you are all doing well, and that He continues to reveal Himself to you.


Much love,


Your All Nations Family