Hello family!

It’s good to see you again! Often times when one works, it’s important to step back and view the overall progress. The one spot that a person works on can become such an all-consuming task that the bigger picture is forgotten. Teresa often says “We pray hard, and we need to praise hard.” Thanksgiving isn’t just a one day event, right?

We are thankful for the opportunity to be involved with the Sherman Indian School. Pastors Yaseer and Monique Handall, along with Pastors Virginia and Albert Dueñaz and several other ministries come together to bring food, fun and fellowship to the students of Sherman. This gives all involved the opportunity to love on these students, that they might have an encounter with Jesus. For the last 3 years, God has blessed All Nations with this amazing open door. This year, we were able to bring the Lancaster High School Interact Club. An interesting fact about this: One of the first places we performed “Casaq The Eagle” was at Lancaster High School. It was probably the first time many of the students were able to interact with Native Americans. And for them to come to Sherman to give back, was a beautiful experience. The students enjoyed themselves and got to know many of the Sherman students. Because they were similar in age range, they had an experience most of the others don’t have. It was a beautiful time.

“In God we boast all day long, And praise Your name forever. Selah” Psalms 44:8 NKJV. It’s a blessing to boast in Him and His works! Because He’s the one that does it. All we do is obey Him. Near or far, we share these moments with you because you are a part of us! Where we go, we take you with us, as your prayers and support carry us and vice versa.

We are all commissioned to take the Gospel with us wherever we go. What if the work could increase and grow quicker? What if the rate of discipleship grew in doubles, not singles? It’s not about gathering converts for the sake of numbers. What we are talking about is lives that are rooted in the word of God, ears that are quick to hear, equipped by the Spirit of the Lord. We are close to having a tool that we can put in the hands of those leaders we train, so “That he may run who reads it.”! The curriculum will begin with basic Spiritual foundational principles, then work in the areas of leadership, communication, discipleship and various natural areas. The curriculum will mobilize the Gospel, empower the students by hearing the Gospel from their own people and equip them to continue to carry the Gospel further.

Click on the link to watch “What Color is God?” from our Foundation series.

Your prayers and support are important factors to this process. Thank you for being co-laborers with us.

You don’t want to miss this weeks’ message! If you haven’t read “The Armor of Intercession”, you can read it here. It’s a powerful, encouraging message. God bless you, until next time!


With His love,

Your family at All Nations

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