Good Morning Family!

They say that March can come in like a lion and out like a lamb. Now, that’s usually about the weather but in this instance, it’s God’s wind blowing like a lion, leaving behind many open doors and opportunities to advance the kingdom of God. But as March comes to a close there’s nothing lamb-like about what God is stirring here. He came in like a Lion and is Roaring! Today we want to review some of the things that we did this month as well as talk about some future projects and events.

Recently, our family went to support Frank and Amber Westphal in the opening of their church, Sommer Haven Church. Although not affiliated with Sommer Haven, the church was named in honor of Agnes. Teresa Skinner led worship with Mark and Tracy Vaughan, and along with the All Nations Dance Ministry (which we’ll talk about in a bit), the presence of God moved that night! We know Frank and Amber still carry the vision of Isaiah 58 in them and we are happy to see them moving in what God has for them.

As we mentioned above, we now have the All Nations Dance Ministry, a budding work of Carrie Duren and Crystal Organ, two of our precious volunteers. Carrie has worked with us in many areas of the ministry, including the Casaq The Eagle Play, and has an incredible anointing for worship. God is definetly moving in this area and we’re excited to see where the Lord will take us next!

We are grateful for the many hands that have been coming to help us during the winter months. Lloyd Simrose has just left after spending two months with us. Lloyd has been faithful in coming to help and fill any need that he sees. From chopping fire wood, mending fences, setting up water towers (Praise Jesus for that!), dealing with the animals, workingin the garden, even to taking out the trash. We are so grateful for his help and his time. We love and appreciate him very much. Thank you Lloyd!

Right around the time Lloyd’s visit was coming to a close, Leon and Karen came. They’ve been such a blessing, slipping right in with family routines and like Lloyd, filling in the gaps that they see. Both in the natural in the spiritual!

Since Gordon and Teresa’s return fromTaiwan, the Lord has been placing three specific things for us as a family and ministry to focus on for the next 6 months. Every morning, Monday through Friday at 7:30 am, we have been praying for the following 3 areas:

1. Building the Training Center:

  • Provisions for the Buildings
  • Favor with Permits
  • Breakthrough on moving forward

2. Mobile Training Institue (MTI)

  • Wisdom on the compiling and writing of Curriculum
  • Focus on Completion
  • Device to place Curriculum on (Tablets, Smartphones)

3. Gospel of the Kingdom

  • Aggressively moving forward with carrying the Gospel into all the world
  • Committed laborers with like heart and vision
  • Training and Discipling leaders so they can carry the Gospel of the Kingdom

We thank you for joining us in this work as we pray and intercede for breakthrough in these areas, that we may fulfill His mandate of Isaiah 58, God’s Love in Action.

In the vein of those three points, we have begun our Oridination Classes. This is the first step in the process for those wanting to be ordained under All Nations. It’s so exciting to know that God will be imparting His vision for His kingdom to those who have said they wanted to be ordained. Their hunger, passion and willingness  to learn helps bring an anointing and His Presence. They come representing various churches in the Antelope Valley and it’s a joy to have them during this time.


There are many upcoming events and visitors coming to us in the next few months. Here is what is happening:

On April 4th, Terea and Gordon Skinner have been asked to pray over this year’s Graduating Seniors at Sherman Indian School. It’s a blessing and a miracle that this door has been opened to us, and to be able to minster Love to these precious children is an honor.

May/June: Sister Gertrude is coming! We are excited to have her back with us for a short time. During her stay we will be hosting our African Tea Party! The date is stil tentative, but we expect it will be in June. Sister Gertrude will be traveling to several states across the U.S. and will be speaking at various venues. Look forward to hearing updates about her trip via our blog as well the NEEPUganda blog. To subscribe, click here.

June: Several Visitors from Taiwan will be coming for training and seeing some of those we work with. We are excited to have these guests and to see where the Spirit leads!

Also in June the All Nations Prayer Warrior Society will have their meeting here in Lancaster! Founded by Marilyn Bread and the late , All Nations Prayer Warrior Society (not affiliated with All Nations International) come together annually, rotaing each year in the four corners (North, South, East and West) to intercede for the heart of God concerning the nation and the Native People. This year, the meeting will be in the West, which is Teresa Skinner and Marilyn Breead. It will be hosted here at All Nations and we look forward to seeing how He will move.


Precious Family, God is moving, and He’s moving quickly! You are colaborers with us, through prayers and support. We thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. He is ready work, and we must be ready to follow. God bless you all!


Love, Your Family at

All Nations International

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