Hello Family!

It’s been a while, but we haven’t forgotten any of you! Things have been very busy as we prepare for Casaq’s flight to the Philippines, and Sister Gertrude’s yearly visit to the States.

The cast of the Casaq The Eagle play is very excited for this opportunity and the experience they’ll have while in the Philippines. Many of them have never been overseas, and all have high expectations for this trip, and we all here can’t wait to see how God will come and expand their world, deepen their faith and for some, come to the faith and develop a deep relationship with our precious Jesus!

We received an update from Sister Gertrude on the School and we’re eager to share with you the incredible progress the students and school have undergone. Here is a small portion of the update:

We have registered as the best School in the District  academically, discipline, Sports and debate and for these reasons many parents from near and far have brought their children in our Boarding Section and left them in our hands for good academic, correction and discipline.


This harvest we have  7,000 kilograms (that is approximately 15,432 lbs) in grain, we have half an acre of Sweet Potatoes which we are feeding on, and we have had a big yield of Bananas the children are having enough food to take them to the end of the year. Thank God for Bro John’s offer of the tractor.

To read more about the Nyamabuga School 2013 quarterly report, click here.

This week, we posted a message from Agnes on Psalm 24:

Remember it’s the King of glory that’s going to go to the nations: the King strong and mighty; the Lord mighty in battle.  He is getting His battle ready to go to the nations as the King of glory…We can’t battle: Christ in us is going to battle.  Now He’s saying, “Get ready for it.”  Open up your gates and let the King of glory come in; for He is ready to march, He is ready to go to the nations and He is ready to bring about this great promise.


To read more on this message, click here: “Psalm 24″

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. We love you all so much. Blessings!



Your Family at All Nations International.