Note: This was a newsletter written in July of 2011, as a small ministry update as well as the 1 year remembrance of the passing of our dear Rev. Agnes I. Numer – May 2012

7 month newsletter and 1 year memorial, July 2011

A lot has happened since the publishing of our year end newsletter in November and we here would like to share some of those things with you.

In December, Pastor Titus Tuiasosopo and the youth at Oasis Christian Church came caroling for their seventh year in a row. They shared the true spirit of Christmas with our family and blessed us with their incredible talent. We also celebrated Teresa and Veronica Sanchez’s birthday.  Christmas Eve was spent with Moses and Veronica Sanchez and their children as well Sarah Johnson and her family.

January was a busy month here at home.  A week after New Year’s, we had our A Call to Worship Symposium at Quartz Hill Foursquare Church. Several churches came along side us to participate, including Pastor Titus and the worship team from Oasis Christian Church and Matthew Derensberg, worship leader at United Christian Church and his team. Also in January we had our second annual African Tea Party and Fashion show. We had a wonderful time with Sister Pauline and our new friend, Mom CeCe Tor from Liberia, East Africa. Both ladies worked together to sew the clothing, creating beautiful works of art. Along with our beautiful models, the event was a fun, relaxing evening. At the end of January, Sister Pauline left to go back to Nigeria. A few weeks later, she was able to purchase the van she had been praying for.

February was brimming with activity. Teresa and Gordon spent some time in India with Leslie and Ashley Joseph and through their pictures and stories, shared the beautiful fruit of the Lord’s work through Agnes. Also that month, Annella Whitehead returned from South Africa and Bernie, Teresa and Gordon’s son, come to live with us along with Michelle and their son, Edgar. Sister Gertrude also came to visit us for a bit, and we were so happy to spend some time with her. While she was here, along with Teresa, Michelle and Gordon went to the annual Long Beach Aquarium Craft Show. Lloyd Simrose, who was with us through this past winter, went back home during this time.

March came in roaring with a full schedule of visitors coming and going. Karol Skinner came to visit us and along with Mom Jennene, blessed us with their help. Around this time, a birthday celebration was held in honor of Gordon. It was an evening filled with good food, lots of singing and beautiful fellowship. Also in this month, the RV’rs came and did an incredible job on all the projects that needed to be done. They helped us assemble the gazebo for the natural area, do maintenance work in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms, and the women helped unpack the rest of Agnes’ belongings, putting the finishing touches in the Founder’s Cabin, creating a warm, homey atmosphere. At the end of the month, Mom’s Karol and Jennene went back to their respective homes. We gained another new member in our household with the coming of Leon Vielle, who will be living with us for a season. Leon has been a great blessing, helping with projects in the garden and animal areas. Stan Bodick has been with us for a visit and has been working alongside Leon. Both of these men have blessed us with their hard work.

April, Pastor Jude and his church held a retreat here at home and shared the celebration of the Pesach (or Passover) with our family. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with each other and intimacy with the Lord. This month marked a new beginning for some members of our family. On Good Friday, Bernie, Michelle and Ashley Flores were baptized, and little Edgar was dedicated. Our whole family traveled to Big Rock Creek and had a beautiful picnic after the baptism.

May was the beginning of the F.A.I.T.H. Gardening classes, as well as the planting season. We have already begun sowing seeds and are looking forward to a beautiful harvest. Also in May, Stan returned home only to come back a short 2 weeks later. We’ve been blessed by his help and are happy to see the Lord moving so mightily in his life.

In this past month of June, we had a father and son from San Jose come and spend some time learning about Sommer Haven and the vision of Isaiah 58 and seeing it at work. We were blessed to be able to share this vision with them and see God working in them. Teresa, Sylvia Dawn, Bernie and Michelle and Ashley headed to Portland, Oregon for the All Nations Prayer Warrior’s Society gathering. It was an incredibly moving experience, and a joy to see Bernie Solwey, Marilyn Bread and her son Joey, as well as Pastor Dave Gomez and his family. A Spirit Meal was held in honor of those warriors who have gone on to be with the Lord over the last few years, and our Agnes was among those honored. It was a time of healing and fellowship that won’t soon be forgotten.

We also would like to honor some of our own warriors in our Sommer Haven family, who have gone to be with the Lord in the past few months Carlos Chaidez and George Ell both were called home in these last few months. Our love, prayers and support are their families.  As we remember Agnes, let us not forget those too who have fought the good fight and are now resting in His arms.

From all of us here at home, thank you.