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We’re here again to bring you along for an update of what is happening here at home. As you remember in our last post, we Taiwan-2015-03have been aggressively moving in the things the Lord has placed on our hearts. One area we are almost complete in is our Archive Project. The month of February was a quiet but busy month, with many of us at home working on scanning photos and transfer videos into digital files, which will become the Archive Library. It was a great project for some of our new volunteers as they saw 60 years of God’s Love in Action, through photographs and videos. It was a treat to watch Agnes speak in Montana, Nagaland, India, and Nigeria, just to name a few. One of our volunteers said it reminded her of when God said He would feed the children of Israel from the heritage of Jacob, their father. This last month has been wonderful in many ways, and more than just the Archive Project!

Taiwan-2015-06Teresa and Gordon Skinner, along with Sister Amy Wang, went to Taiwan and even did a quick trip to China. There they spent some time with Pastor Israel Tseng (formerly Pastor Jacob) and his church, Hope International Missions Ministries in Taiwan. Gordon and Teresa had opportunities to minister to the homeless while in Taiwan. They were also blessed to attend the 25ht Anniversary of Pastor Israel’s ministry. It was a special time they shared with Pastor Israel, who said they prayed for Teresa, Gordon and the ministry every day.

Teresa wanted to share a particular experience with our family. Gordon and Teresa went to an indigenous wedding. Teresa saidTaiwan-2015-02 the wedding was a beautiful demonstration of Christ and His Bride. For that particular people group, in order to dance at the wedding of the Bride and Groom, you must be wearing their traditional regalia. Luckily for Gordon and Teresa, the mother of their longtime friend Pearl, stayed up all night making clothing for Teresa and Gordon to wear for the big day. The process of the wedding goes as such: a group assembles, seemingly made up of the bridal party and grooms family. The dowry also arrives, which is a specific group of items. The group waits until the highest Chief in the village comes. Once he arrives, the group makes its way to the wedding feast, dowry in tow. Once the bridal party and guests are at the designated place, the bride then makes her way to the feast as well. Isn’t that just amazing? The dowry of course is the price Christ paid for us. We as His bride, wait for Him as He prepares His wedding feast. But we can’t be at the feast unless we have the proper attired. Imagine that in today’s world there are still customs, and not even those from Israel, that are so symbolic of Christ and His Bride.

As the Archive Project is coming to a close our mobile training institute is picking up steam as continue to design and build the curriculum. There are so many who are desperate to teach their people the Gospel, and with the help of the Lord, this mobile training will be able to go where the training is needed, and the people will be trained by their own people. We thank you for working with us. How? By your prayers love and support! We love our teammates, both at home and around the globe, who help make this work possible!

Tell us, how are you? How can we pray? You can send us a request on Facebook, on our website, or even here on our blog. Let us know how we can pray for you!

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