News Overview 2018

Visited our Podcast lately?

This year we launched a podcast of the late Rev. Agnes I Numer messages. Listen Now.


From training to experience

Through video conferencing as well as face to face, the curriculum helps us disciple and mentorgroups and individuals around the world. This year, one woman was baptized, and several are seriously considering their call to the nations.

Hear the testimony of how God changed Vince Grovan’s life.


Easter begins with India

Joining with Pastors Yeswanth and Salome Kumar, our team challenged others to take God at His word and see what He would do, as they walked in the fasted lifestyle of Isaiah 58. The people realized it was not just their pastors, but also through them that God is moving. Watch the video.

From pancakes to Bibles

For He is the bread of Life

When we helped our local church cook pancakes for the congregation, little did we realize they would donate the proceeds to Sister Pauline Maduakor in Nigeria to buy 150 new Bibles for her students!



Our school in Uganda

In November our team traveled to Uganda to conduct a five-day teacher training seminar, tour the school and 67-acre farm, and assess ways to move forward sustainably.  Emmanuel Mwesigye and Clare Businge, son and daughter of the late Sister Gertrude Kabatalemwa are amazing hosts and continue the work as we flow together in the absence of Sister Gertrude. Watch the latest video.


Crystal Montague-Farris travelled with a team to Ireland again this year. The team prayed for 70 people, shared the Gospel with 58, trained 1 Believer, had 3 Discovery Bible Studies and 9 people to follow up with. Crystal will receive her Ministers license this year and is the first ANI missionary to Ireland.


Lancaster, CA

Mark and Tracy Vaughan of Love on Purpose continue ministering to the underserved. They train and remind others that Feeding the hungry. Clothing the naked. Welcoming the stranger. Visiting the sick. Washing the feet of the weary or offering a hot shower to the unsheltered “doesn’t mean nothing” if it doesn’t touch or please the heart of GOD. Watch LOP videos

Around the world with His Vision

Curriculum at A Glance:

Copies distributed: +1,500

Countries: Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, India, Philippines and others.

Available Languages: English, Cebuano. Hindi, Tamil and Spanish are coming soon.

We are in a time where foundational biblical teaching and scriptural literacy is lacking, and it is an epidemic that is rapidly spreading. Now more than ever, the need for the Great Commission to be done is vital. Our vision is to see this tool in the hands of every leader and layman, that they may “read it and run”, even if we can’t be there. Food Resources: Feeding the Hungry, available on Amazon.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself – Really

And God will multiply

We have believed God for His every provision. We won’t travel unless He provides. Want to join us? Then we can all do more. More than ourselves. It is not only one or two that carriy this mantle of Isaiah 58. We all can. Let’s encourage each other to seek more, give more and go more this year …while it is day.

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