Time passes quickly doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that it’s been three weeks. We know for certain because our youngest member of the household counted on the calendar, to be sure (you know these young people these days 🙂 )

As January came around, the flow of visitors continued with a wonderful surprise visit from Dr. Roz, our dear friend from Antigua. Several days later Mr. Lloyd Simrose from Canada arrived for his yearly visit. For those who are unfamiliar, Lloyd is a precious brother in Christ who spends part of the winter with us and is an immense blessing in the various things he does to keep things running so smoothly.

The next day after Lloyd’s arrival, Bob and Sharon Yocum came to spend a few days, and went to a few meetings with Gordon Skinner and Sylvia Dawn concerning the gardens. A few days after that, some men from Pastor Mike Waldrop’s ministry, Mission Acts Ministries, came and we were able to fill (more like, load down! Praise God!) up a truck to send to Mexico that would be distributed to about 60 churches! We praised God because there were things we had been praying that could be given out and not be wasted.

On January 13, Ashley Flores and Michelle Skinner went to the Pala Indian Reservation as representatives of All Nations International. Pastor Dave Gomez, of the Jerusalem Center Church, gave the word for the day, which happened to be the end of the United Native Lighthouse Ministries Conference and the dedication of the new extension of Pastors Richard and Donna Dominguez’s church building, Kish-Hati-We-Net (Pala Lighthouse Church).  Pastor Dave delivered a powerful word based on Joel 2:2-11, and how the Lord is moving and raising up the Natives to do His will. He also gave an update of how a declaration being signed by the First Nations People of North America, declaring their support of Israel. A delegation is being sent over to Israel to have the declaration presented there. To see how the Lord is working right now amongst the Natives is encouraging to us, and we agree with and are excited about their stand to support the Nation of Israel.

In the area of missions, Casaq The Eagle will be flying off to the Philippines this coming April! We will be working with Bishop Dan Bolais, and will also visit Rev. Pat Capwell! To see the team so eager, so willing to go and spread the love of God through this play touches our hearts and spurns us forward with the play! Many of the cast members are brainstorming for fundraising ideas for their tickets, and it makes even more excited to see the joy on their faces when we mention the trip. To find out more about the play, and to connect with Casaq, visit the Facebook page as well as the blog!

Things have been on a constant roll, but we’re thanking God that we are able to be used by Him and to do His will here as has been done in Heaven. We’re praising God for the open the doors, the new faces that come, eager to be a part of the He’s doing in this day.

As is always, we love you and pray for you. Let us know how you’re doing: comment on our facebook page or one of our posts, even send us an email. We love to hear your praise reports and prayer needs.

Have a wonderful week!



Your Family at All Nations