“Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.” Isaiah 60:5 (KJV)

We give God Glory for the powerful time that we had in the Philippines from May 21 to June 2, 2010.
Left States May 19.
Friday – May 21
Arrived Manila

Picked up by Pastor Efren Reyes and taken to Pastor Lisa Reyes Condo GA2 Tower in Mandaluyong on Edsa near Boni.
Rested till Saturday night May 22.
Saturday – May 22
Meeting with Pastors and Volunteers for May 29th event. Discussed Items to purchase:
30 – Basins to wash feet – Erlita purchased – 600 php
30 – Towels – Erlita purchased – 750 php
1 – Tarpoline to advertise event (Pastor Efren insisted on putting our names and also Sommer Haven) – Julian Arias (Jophet) purchased – 600 php
1 – 5×12 Canvas for Children’s Mural to Art for Miles. – Julian Arias (Jophet) purchased – 1400 php
Paint and tape for mural. – Julian Arias (Jophet) purchased
3,350 php Total
Sunday – May 23

Gordon with Pastor Efren to San Juan to preach
Teresa to Windows of Blessing – “What Does God Think About the Poor?”
Although the people were quiet they said that God convicted their hearts. The message was encouraging us as Friends of God to give to the poor and have compassion for the poor rather than to despise them. One woman gave 1,000 php which was “all she had” and needed funds for her son’s schooling. By the following Monday evening two family members called her and gave her 16,000 php more than enough for her son’s school fees!
Interesting note: The offering that I received was just about the same as what we spent the day before!

Teresa rested Sunday afternoon
Gordon went to San Mateo to preach.
Monday – Wednesday May 24 – 26th
Teresa to Tagbilaran, Bohol with Beth Say, Juanita Gamboa and Dana of Enable Ministries.

The purpose of the event was for Beth to do a follow up visit to see some of the recipients of the 36 wheel chairs that she had donated last November 2009.
We met with the organization that received the wheelchairs as well as the local Tagbilaran government officials. We went to the main rehabilitation site where the children and their parents had gathered. We encouraged them and gave out 14 pairs of shoes, cross necklaces, candies and Tagalog Bibles. Teresa shared her own experience of how Beth helped her learn to walk and also to reenter society. Teresa spoke of the importance of keeping Hope and taking the children out in public to encourage them. Also to encourage them to do anything possible to help others.
Beth, Juanita and Dana measured possible new wheelchair recipients. Dana spoke with the parents and staff about wheelchair maintenance. The people really appreciated the information.

After the event we all took a ride into town and had a great time of fellowship. I left Wednesday morning back to Manila. Beth and the rest of the team visited four more sites as well as homes of some of the wheelchair recipients.

Monday – Wednesday May
During this same time Pastor Efren and Gordon traveled to Pangasinan about 5 hours away from Manila, arriving late evening. Slept in the van. Ministered to the youth in the early afternoon “to be like Daniel, to allow God to put his gifts in them and that He will lift them up from where they. His gifts can even make them known in the palace”. In the evangelistic service that evening 11 people responded to an invitation for salvation and many more were ministered to at the altar as God moved to heal, encourage and strengthen the people and impart His gifts. Traveled back again late after the evening service arriving by 2 am.

Wednesday – May 26th
Annella Arrives – Rest day. Teresa returns from Bohol.
Gordon and Teresa go to San Mateo and share with the people how God wants to use them in His army to demonstrate His love for the people of their community. We showed the Samaritan’s Feet DVD and the Sommer Haven Spring Festival DVD. The people got excited for Saturday!

The 10 eagerly anticipated boxes of shoes and gifts arrived and were taken by jeepney to San Mateo. Gordon and Teresa also brought all of the shoes which had been brought in suitcases. A very exciting evening.

Thursday – May 27
Teresa met with Jophet re the Casaq book.
Gordon, Teresa and Annella ministered that evening at San Juan, Door of Faith in a joint service of Windows of Blessing and Door of Faith, San Mateo three churches. Teresa ministered to the youth, Annella to the Women and Gordon to the men.

Annella: shared with the women from 2 Corinthians 2:4. We need to be a sweet SAVOUR (a permeating force throughout the whole world) I did not have an interpreter it seemed as though most of the ladies understood. It was exciting to me during the greeting after ward’s that one of the ladies told me that she did not understand everything but she understood and received in her spirit.

Friday – May 28
Pastor Lita, Annella and I went to see Pastor Dan and Tanette Balias! We had a wonderful time renewing our fellowship. Saw their new church building and heard all of the wonderful things God is using them to do. Expect to see them in August. It was great to reconnect with them.
Got to ride there on a tricycle – I was on the back behind the driver. Pastor Dan’s driver took us back, the church probably less than a mile away from the condo.
Gordon and pastor Efren spent the day in San Mateo sorting, bagging and organizing things for the Saturday Event.

Saturday – May 29
Festival of Hope – an incredible day of sharing God’s Love to the community!
The “Festival of Hope” was a whole day of free food, free ice cream for the children, free name brand “Roar” shirts for the men, free Avon products for the women and free shoes for everyone. Events included young Artist Julian Peter V. Arias laying out the design and supervising the children as they excitedly painted the Art Mural for Miles, games and prizes all day long, gifts for the volunteers – who were very needy themselves, the day closed beautifully as several youth groups joined together to give a wonderful concert, dance and drama. Teresa also sang with a band put together with youth from each of the churches. Gordon gave the revival message and the team prayed for the people during the altar call.
Annella was in awe of the organization of the day and the discipline of the young people to continue hour after hour at whatever task they had been given with joy and love for the people. We got home after 1AM. It was great!

Sunday – May 30
Gordon ministered at Windows of Blessing the title was “God Will Use You to Do His Will and With His Gifts and Authority” There was a powerful outpouring of God that followed the message. The altar was filled for an hour.
Annella ministered at the San Juan, Door of Faith – The word was “A Chosen Vessel to Bear My Name – Are You Fulfilling Your Destiny”. God will continue to allow circumstances, people and events in our lives to give us the opportunity to fulfill who God has chosen us to be.

Teresa ministered in UP at the newly pioneered church under a bamboo tree– gave testimony and again shared of How God Sees the Poor.
The three of us went together for our last service with Door of Faith San Mateo.
We shared of the joy we had together. Gordon spoke.

Monday – May 31
Visited with Meth, her brother Ramon, Jeremiah, Michael (Jeremiahs friend) and also a pastor that helped distribute the wheat and wanted us to greet Agnes for him.

Tuesday – June 1
Gordon, Annella Pastor Efren and I were picked up at the Condo by Dao.
Spent a beautiful day with Pat and also some of the others. Saw Angie, Cindy, Edith, Rosalie, Nors, Norma, Noel, Jesse, Dao….
Especially enjoyed the time with Cindy who talked with me about doing the Experience the Book event and to have its debut it in the Philippines. Angie had a livelihood project with the local women and is making soap.
Teresa had a nice time drawing with some of the children

Annella: I had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and spent quite a bit of time with Nors, sharing with her. I also played tag with the children – which about wiped me out because of the heat. Took some pictures of raised beds and container ideas for vegetables. Pat generously donated a reading kit for my nephew and niece – thank you so much.

Wednesday – June 2
Spent the day with Pat went shopping and the met with Jess who took us to the airport.
10PM Departure – arrived LAX at 7PM on the same day! Figure that out!