Hello Family!

We’re excited to share some updates with you on the Nigerian Training Center! For those who aren’t familiar with the training center being built in Aba, Nigeria, you can read our earlier post to see the vision of the training center.

Since we last reported on the building progress and Pastor Sylvester, the walls have been put up, and the decking is underway!

Side View of Nigerian Center

Walls of the training center being up! One step closer!

We’re deeply thankful for those who have given to this project, a project with His Kingdom in mind. To further the Gospel, bring souls into the Kingdom. Bring hope to the hopeless, set the captives free. A building that will last long after we’re gone, for a work that will continue, if God in His mercy tarries. The next phase of the building is the decking. The decking will be the roof of the level, but also the beginning of the second story!

Nigerian Center ready for decking

Each brick is made by hand from the locals, bringing the cost of the building down.

As we get more updates, we will continue to post pictures and make sure you are updated as well. We love you all!

Love, your family at

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