Dear family, 

We noticed that our post from April was never sent out.  April was an amazing month of visitors, training
and ministry and we want to make sure that all He does in us and through us is shared with our family. We apologize for the delay. 
Thank you! -ANI Blog Team  

Hello family!

Happy April to you all! Much has happened since we last connected with you. As we mentioned in the last post, March started out busy and it ended the same way. Lloyd has since left back to Canada, and with his departure we saw many visitors come!DSC00016_opt

Pastor Sam Sampson and his brother Tom came from the Morongo Indian Reservation to spend a week with us. Pastor Sam is the husband of the late Patty Sampson, whom Teresa worked with on Morongo since she was in her 20’s. Patty was a light to many, demonstrating God’s love in the care of those she came in contact, always telling all she met about Jesus. Pastor Sam led worship much of the time he was here, and he along with his brother, Tom, worked with Gordon in a few key areas around the property. One project was the installation of a bell in our well house. The bell gives a signal when the tank below a certain level, which is a requirement from the Fire Department. They were an all-around a blessing to our family and we thoroughly enjoyed having them with us. . We look forward to seeing them again!

DSC00011_optWhile Pastor Sam and his brother were here, we were honored to have two pastors from India stay with us for a two days. This visit was a special one for us, as they were sent by one of our precious longtime friends in India. Our two guests, along with Pastor Sam joined Gordon at the food distribution and were greatly encouraged and touched by what they say. One of the pastors told us that the Lord was speaking to him as he visited the food distribution and wanted to learn more about starting one. We gave the pastors time to speak and minister to our family, having them share whatever is the Lord had put on their hearts. Their words were encouraging, uplifting and life giving. They said that Lord willing, they would like to return and learn more about the things the Lord is doing here.

We have an update from our precious sister ministry in Nigeria! About two years ago, many of you may remember reading about a van that we were able to send there in Nigeria that would service widows and children. This is the same ministry that we recently reported receiving a well. Through this ministry in Nigeria, 470 widows were served this past Christmas! Many of them who were touched by the Lord have stayed and now help in the garden! It’s planting season now, and they’ve planted cassava, corn, okra and green vegetables and in the next 3 months this beautiful provision will be ready to harvest! Hallelujah! Also being served there in Nigeria is a school with 370 students! Thanks to your support, the van is able to get these children to school. The van is very find and running solid, praise God! Join us as we pray for the continued work in this area and the spreading of the Gospel!

In our previous post, we mentioned that we would be going down to Sherman Indian High School to deliver prom dresses and gifts for the graduation class. Pastor Yaseer Handall and his wife Monique wanted to give the graduating class a special gift along with a blessing. They asked several churches and ministries to help gather gifts. Through a connection with Tracy Vaughan, a local ministry in Lancaster, House of Deliverance, we were donated 76 beautiful dresses to give the girls for their Senior Prom! Teresa and Gordon Skinner, Mark and Tracy Vaughan and their daughter Sindy, Leon and Karen, Ashley and Cheryl and James King-Cotton, from House of Deliverance came to help minister to the children. The pastors gave a special blessing over the children, one by one, and handed out the gifts. The dresses and outfits for Prom was a special surprise to the seniors. Two rooms were set up as fitting and dressing rooms for the boys and the girls. With the assistance of our team and various leaders, they were able to choose and outfit for Prom. The look on their faces was a precious blessing to us!

The ordination classes, entitled the Leadership Series are progressing beautifully, and though the curriculum is simple in reading, there is something deep that is imparted, bringing a reality of who Jesus really is. In the last two weeks, we have been learning about sheep and their shepherds and the correlation to God and His Bride. Teresa Skinner took the class to observe our own sheep, seeing how the sheep responded to strangers versus how they responded to their shepherd. Gordon Skinner led us to look at the differences between a good shepherd and a bad shepherd through the Word. The Leadership Series establishes a clear, firm foundation of how to teach the Gospel inside the hearts of these soon to be pastors and ordained ministers, so instead of just teaching at those they will be over, there will be a deep fountain from God they can impart and pour into those seeking discipleship. We are so blessed by all the Lord has done, and is doing and will do. We love you all. Have a great week and be blessed!





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