A Student’s Uganda Trip Report

As I reflect on my journey in Uganda, I realize the impact of this trip is not drastic but perpetuating.  I did not have big words like others to express a dramatic effect on me, rather I would like to meditate on this trip and the reflections day by day that I can learn something new from it every day.

Although I have been on a few trips before, I have never had such involving trip like this one.  On this trip, I was challenged to speak to a whole school and its staff members, to express my vision to senior pastors and to actively serve God’s people with full diligence. I praise God for the that training I had at All Nations, it was practiced just at the right time and in the right place.

I believe the training about self-hygiene is going to be useful, no matter where I am – always drink from bottled water, always pay extra attention with fresh fruits & vegetables. Moreover, the training I had about diseases and infections are mind-opening, I did not know I had to take vaccination before traveling to a foreign country and how improper self-hygiene can have a permanent effect on us. After this trip, I really appreciate what I have. I know that there are so many things that we take for granted, that are extremely precious to others.

As for me, this trip was very education oriented. Meeting Sister Faith and Sister Pauline and visiting brother Emmanuel’s school has opened a new direction of education for me. It was eye-opening to see how God has worked with his servants in Uganda to build a school from scratch which is now the most beautiful school in Uganda.

I started to understand what it means to be a missionary and a life of full dependence on God’s provision. It is difficult to stay in a foreign country with a different language, different culture, different food and different race. It is only possible with God’s great love to forfeit all comfortable conditions, and to invest in someone’s life.
The key element that unites us together internationally is that we have a common father, a common vision and a common faith. We are not looking for something on Earth, but we are looking upwards in Heaven. Because we know what we have are temperate, so we are all chasing something greater, bigger and more meaningful in Heaven.

I am really glad that I made a new family there – I know my heart is always with them. It is only God who can open people’s hearts, that somebody can accept another boy, from thousands of miles away to be his own brother. It touches my heart so much to see how different people from different cultures are united for one purpose – only God can make this possible. It really pushes me forward to see a glimpse of God’s kingdom …a place with joy, peace, tolerance and love.