Hello Family!


Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day! This year Thanksgiving was extra special, with all our little family together. Last year, Annella Whitehead, along with Gordon and Teresa Skinner were in Uganda for a medical mission trip, and were unable to be here for Thanksgiving. But this year, we had Africa come to us! 🙂


With Pastor Sylvester being here, we decided that this Thanksgiving, we wanted to make it extra special for him, as this was his first Thanksgiving Day! As we were planning about food and guests, an offer arose from on of our friends, to make the entire meal. We could hardly believe our ears. Really? The WHOLE MEAL? Well, the whole meal it was, and what a sumptuous fare it was!



Delicious Turkey and other food!

 There were 2 juicy turkeys, several Cornish hens, homemade cranberry sauce (cranberry sauce was made by Teresa Skinner!), thick, savory dressing (or for those of you who prefer to call dressing “stuffing”), sweet potatoes (these went fast!), mouth watering greens, and all the dessert a person could want (actually, more than a person could want!). There were several pumpkin and sweet potato pies, a decadent three layer cake with a rich, cheesecake layer, and thick carrot cake with velvety smooth cream cheese icing.


We still had more that we hadn’t taken out to defrost!

Warm, buttery dinner rolls!

We can say with certainty, that Pastor Sylvester, as well as our guests, enjoyed themselves.

Pastor Sylvester Alanwoko of Nigeria, West Africa, enjoying his first Thanksgiving Day.

There were several families that were unable to make it, but with the all the food, we were able to send some of the yummy leftovers home with those who came to share this special day with us. And we’re happy to share the day with you, our family! We love you all, and we thank you for supporting us these 58 years.

Imagine, 58 years of doing Isaiah 58! What blessing, what honor, what privilege! Yes, this is a special year indeed, and we thank you all of you for standing by, and in your way, helping fulfill Isaiah 58 and sending it out to all the world.

From our family to yours, thank you, and we love you!

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
Love always, your Family at All Nations International.