Mal. 4:3 “And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the souls of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of hosts.”

2nd Samuel 22:43 “Then did I beat them as small as the dust of the earth, I did stamp them as the mire of the street, [and] did spread them abroad.”


“But unto you that fear my name…” If we fear the Lord we serve Him! But what are we doing when we are serving the Him? We are doing whatever He wants us to do, aren’t we? It shows a whole new light on it, doesn’t it?


Is. 40:33 “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles…”

Mal. 4:2 “…the Sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.”


What are we going to do? We are going to grow up fast. If we are babes we are going to grow up fast. We are not growing up and mature as we normally do; we are going to mature fast. But wait upon the Lord. We’re not doing our thing and we’re not saying our words. We are waiting upon Him and we are doing what He would have us to do.

You might ask: What do we do when we serve the Lord? Whatever He wants us to do, not what we want to do! Whatever He asks us to do.

We shall mount up with wings as eagles; we shall run and not be weary; we shall grow up as calves of the stall! These are all action; there’s no hesitancy. He said, “Though the vision teary, wait for it.” If the vision no longer tarries we have to run with it. They that run put it on tablets and read it as they run.

So we are in a hurry now and we don’t have any time to waste. We are going to go as we read it. We are going to mount up with wings as eagles and we’re not going to wait. We are going to be doing what God has called us to do as the vision comes forth. It no longer tarries; it is here. So it shall speak; it shall not lie and it shall go forth even as God has spoken it. The vision is here; the vision that God has called us to do in Him is here and the world is in great need of it.

The scriptures in Samuel and Malachi are very appropriate scriptures; because the Lord is speaking to a particular people that put their trust in Him. A lot of people say they put their trust in the Lord but the test comes with the trials. That’s when you find out whether their trust is in the Lord. “But ye that remain…” One thing we fail to have as we should is the fear of God. God is calling us to really let Him put in us a reverence of God that we will know. “But unto them that fear my name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise will healing in His wings.” “Ye shall mount up with wings as eagles…” Your waiting is going to be what God wants you to do; trusting him and believing that what He wants will, certainly, come to pass. These things which He has spoken are coming to pass very rapidly, all over the world. There are stories every where. In the mighty work of God there are strange things happening. Different ones are talking about what God does and we are seeing the strange things God is doing.

Some things He has never done before, He is doing now! Different ways that man is baffled or puzzled; it is hard to realize that God would do the things He does today; but God is doing things, today, that He never did before and His word says that. He is going to be glorified; for only the Lord will be able to accomplish these things for us. He is going to call us a people that know the Living God.

We are thinking about China and some of the other countries that don’t know of the greatness of our God. God is going to do strange things there so that they might know that it isn’t one of their gods but it is the Living God that is doing it. God is saying we have a work to do; mainly that His love and His spirit flow through us that others will see Jesus in.

Let us handle things the way the Lord wants us to do them. What we would reason out ourselves will not be the way the Lord would want you to do it! He has His own way of doing things. He says, “Now it is time for the Sun of Righteousness to arise with healing in His wings and ye shall go forth and grow up.

We have been seeing a lot of growing up the last few days. Seeing these young men sprout up quickly, like in one day. We are seeing it and we are giving God glory for it. All at once they are springing forth and getting ready to run and not being weary and not fainting.

Then He says we can stomp the wicked out as ashes under our feet. It doesn’t just say as ashes, but ashes under our feet. It is going to be powder; just as He says in Samuel. It’s going to be powder; it’s going to be dust. For God is defeating the enemy and all of his plans and purposes. The Lord gave that to us concerning the property. Didn’t he? He said our enemies would be under our feet.

We praise Him tonight and give him glory because He is going to cause us to arise; He will arise in us that we might go forth.

You know when you have a meeting like this something happens to you. You are ready to run; ready to do what God wants you to do. God is preparing us! I have a strong awareness of the Lord doing it and it’s not us; it’s His Spirit. He says, “…and ye shall tread down the wicked and they shall be ashes under the souls of your feet in the day that I shall do this.” That doesn’t mean maybe; it means He absolutely shall do it.

So why does He cause this thing to come in this hour? Why is He causing the healing to come forth? The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings. What are we going to do? Whatever God has purposed for us.

There is a healing of the nations’ coming. Right now the whole world needs it, so desperately; but something has to happen to the Christians. Something has to happen to the body of Christ. How many in the world today would come to the Lord the way we are. Something has to happen! The fear of the Lord has to come in His people. The Sun of Righteousness has to arise inside of us with healing in His wings. We need the fear of God not the fear of man! We need the awesome fear of His presence; of what He wants us to do. We must have this healing; something is going to happen to us.

We won’t be able to stand still just like tonight. You couldn’t keep your feet still because the spirit of dancing was here. We aren’t going to be able to keep from running if He lets you out. Just like calves of the stall, you are going to run and jump and hop in every direction.

Have you ever taken a calf out of a stall? You try to catch one of them and you can’t. The Lord is letting us out to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint; because He has a purpose for this hour: that His church arises. As they arise He will lift them up and cause them to have the fear of God in them so that we can be a servant. We will move as a servant to Him. Wherever He sends us we will go. Whatever He says for us to do, we will do. Whatever He says, we will say.

A lot of preparation needed. We must realize that we have to know Him.

For years I’ve had an eager anticipation of what was going to happen when the Lord started moving. With eager anticipation I waited for this day. Now is a historic time because the Sun of Righteous is arising with healing in His wings and we shall put the wicked under their feet.

149th Psalm “With the high praises in our mouth and a two-edged sword in our hand…” There’s a spirit of burning and the spirit of judgment against Satan and his works. The spirit of burning is to burn up the spirit of the flesh. He is going to do a complete job with us. Against the devil’s territory God says the spirit of burning and judgment. The Lord said, “I have come to bring judgement upon Satan and everything that belongs to him.” God will judge it and remove it. He will burn anything of the flesh, hay, wood and stubble; nothing will be left.

We aren’t anybody but we are saying, “Lord let the Sun of Righteousness come with an awesome awareness of your presence.” We must be aware that the Lord is doing something and we are a part of His plan to take this gospel of the kingdom to the nations of the world. You aren’t going to take it in your flesh; you take it with the Sun of Righteousness in you. That is going to cause you to grow up as calves of the stall and you will run and not be weary; but you will mount up with wings as eagles.

The vision no longer tarries, we have to take it and run with it for it is time now. It is time for it to be manifested and demonstrated by the Spirit of God. Go to 2nd Peter where he speaks about partaking of His divine nature. These things which God has given to us will not make us just half way what He wants us to be. It will make us completely what He wants us to be, all the way. We have His righteousness and His knowledge abiding in us. Christ is revealed to us and it is His faith working in us; it is His knowledge and His virtue that’s working.

What is He doing it this earthen vessel? What is He going to do with it? He is going to cause it to be carried to the nations! He is building something in us and the final part of that building is going to change our life and change the lives of those around us. There are only four things that can change other lives.

Brotherly kindness: how are we demonstrating brotherly kindness here? If you look at it here is this scripture about the promises, all of this is about what God is doing as He is changing us? Down through the years I wondered why brotherly kindness is stuck in there; I couldn’t see where it fit in. One day the Lord opened it up to my understanding and I realized that love couldn’t be demonstrated anywhere except through brotherly kindness. There is only one outlet for His love and that’s brotherly kindness. Isn’t that mighty? This is what he is talking about! It’s not for our self; but to give out to meet the needs of others.           God is calling His church to repent because we have neglected to meet the needs of others. That’s what you have been called to do. People tell me that all of the time, “But I’m not called to do that.” If you see a brother in need and you don’t help, it doesn’t just have my name on it, it has all of our names on it. We have to realize it; we have to take heed to it! The fruit of it is astonishing.

The fruit of it is the changing of lives. It isn’t what we are doing; but what He has persuaded us to do that others might know that He loved us and died for us. We give it as unto the Lord; otherwise it is hay, wood and stubble and it will burn up. If it is full of God’s love and He has called us to do these things it will stand before Him. If we do that which He has called us to do we will be able to stand boldly in that day when we stand before Him. It will not be any boldness of our flesh for it will be Him that has done it through us and we can give Him the glory for it.

There is also a scripture there where He is talking about how we tell the true from the false. I think this is going to be more and more pronounced in our life. “Ye are of God little children. Overcome them because greater is He in you than He that is in the world. They are of the world therefore the world hears them. Ye are of God and he that knows God heareth us and he that is not of God heareth not us; hereby we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

Let’s see what it means. Have you ever been with people where your speech bears witness that they are of God and you have been with other people and the Spirit doesn’t bare witness? Have you been with people that thought you weren’t of God? If we know that God dwells in us and we are around other people that are called Christians and they don’t believe. What is your test here? If they hear us they are of God if they don’t they’re not. That’s pretty strong isn’t it? If the Lord is speaking through you and they hear you, they are of God. “Thereby ye know the truth and the spirit of error.”

Smoother and smoother comes the work of Satan for he comes in like an angel of light. It is going to get slick because of the deception by the anti-Christ movement; it becomes a great falseness because it was so cleverly done. The Bible says if it were possible the very elect would be deceived; but He says the Lord is in you and you are in Him. You are going to be able to speak and you will know the truth from error.

I remember one time we went in to talk to someone and he pointed his finger at us. It wasn’t right. The Spirit of truth is going to stand; it will arise and you will know inside of you. I asked Lord, “How am I going to know the truth when things go bad and the deception is so bad?” He gave me this scripture and He showed me that when you hold a negative up to the light what do you see? You can see light if someone is in error. The light in you is going to show off the darkness in them. He proved it to me many times. If they don’t hear you the truth isn’t in them.

When Paul kneeled down and prayed it must have been difficult because he knew ahead of time what he was to suffer. I met a woman that was saved in Las Vegas and her testimony was mighty. The Lord told me to go outside and pick up some dirt and hold it in the air and He would blow it into all of Nevada for the work of His kingdom. He claimed every Casino for the Lord on both sides of the street. I asked, “Which way do you want me to go?” He said, “Claim all of the money.” Then I turned around and drove home for all the cattle on the hills are His.

I remember when we went to India Brother Joseph met me in Bombay. It was the highest festivity of the year, the festivity of lights. God said to bind the powers off of the minds of the people. There were thousands of people going down the street bowing down to these idols. They were in carts and also people were walking down the street, thousands of them. We got into the precession. The Spirit of the Lord was on me to bind the powers off of the minds of the people; the Lord was breaking the powers off. We did it in Bombay and everywhere we went.

The Spirit of the Lord is going to do it. There was a breaking away of the Hindus and they were coming to God more than there had ever been. It was the experience of the Lord and He will do it. It happened in the islands also. I did what He said to do. He is preparing us to do it His way. We are to do what He wants us to do. I believe God is going to prepare us to do it; by the Spirit of the Lord. In Jesus name, amen!


Rev. Agnes I. Numer

March 27, 1993