Hello precious Family!

Recently, as many of you know, we celebrated 61 years of the vision of Isaiah 58 through Rev. Agnes I. Numer. This year is the acceptable year of the Lord, God is releasing His people to run! God is removing hindrances and setting His people to run with anointing and authority.
We are seeing a new wave of servant leaders ready to do His will and be sent forth wherever He will lead. More than 15 people received our Pastors Leadership training this year. Some are now on the mission field training others with our Isaiah 58 training Pacs. On October 17th we had an anointing service for those who will become licensed or ordained ministers. These have said “Yes” to His “Will you go?” These candidates are from Dos Testamentos En El Desierto, Taiwan, the Soboba Indian Reservation, locally and trainees from our own home. One candidate is a former student from Sommer Haven Church School. Family, are you seeing the outpouring of His Spirit right now? It’s mighty.
Through God’s sovereign provision, the house has a fresh coat of paint and the front yard has a new look! Also, a local nursery donated 36 trees, to help start the windbreak that will protect our home. Soon we will have photo of the tree planting process, and of our wonderful volunteers. “Is it not yet a little while…” Our property became a fruitful field and now it is being esteemed as a forest.
God’s vision of an Isaiah 58 training center in Nigeria, has been in the birthing process for many years. We are almost there! This center is a beautiful facility where missionaries and volunteers help God’s kingdom expand in surrounding villages.
At this time, it is with our deepest regret to say that Kathy Vanzandt has ran her race, and our Father has called her home with Him. Kathy went to be with the Lord Tuesday, November 3rd. Her funeral was Saturday, November 7th.  We will miss the excellence of her life, the depths of her love and her ability to speak the prophetic word of God to others.
We love you all and this is the acceptable year. Let’s walk in the knowledge God is releasing us to run and carry this Gospel forth!


Your Family at All Nations

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