In 1954, God revealed to Rev. Agnes I Numer the vision of Isaiah 58

He revealed His plan to demonstrate His love to the nations of the world.

When Agnes spoke about her vision she spoke of self sufficient communities that will provide their own food and energy.

Right now, in a world of disasters, villages and communities must be reconstructed and some leaders have already asked if this Village for All Nations would be a model that they could use to build a Sister Village and Conference Center in their country.

A “Village for All Nations”

When Rev. Agnes I. Numer spoke about her vision she spoke of self sufficient communities

Since our relocation in 2004, All Nations International seeks to build “A Village for All Nations.” This Village simulates environments and structures demonstrating simple energy efficiency, agriculture and self sufficiency techniques. This private retreat center enables us to continue to provide encouragement, refreshing and training for leaders and others to meet spiritual and physical needs of local and indigenous people and will have Simulated Environments and Structures. Our plan includes a conference center for local and international conferences.

For more than 55 years, Pastors, Missionaries, spiritual and community leaders have come to All Nations for refreshing and encouragement. Many find rest, spiritual strength, additional training and natural resources to continue reaching their communities.

“It is important that the Village environment will be as close as possible to a Third World Country so that people will be prepared and trained effectively.”
T. Bravata RN