Hello Family!


Things have been rolling at a good pace, busy but productive days and full of the things we love to do! It’s been busy, so let’s dig right in!


About two weeks ago, we received word that Rev. Pat Capwell from Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL, our sister ministry in the Philippines!) was coming stateside for a visit! On October 3rd, we welcomed her in our home, along with All Nations board member Lilibeth Say and her parents (who came to drop off Pat). That evening in our living, along with Frank and Amber Westphal, their family, and Dee Suillivan and our house family, Pat showed us pictures and updated us on the goings on in the Philippines and IFL. We saw the devastating pictures of loss and ruin from the December typhoon, as well as the rebuilding and the hope of food, cleaning and gifts offered the families turned victims, from volunteers of IFL and other ministries. She also shared with us the amazing progress and praise reports from IFL, Their new additions to the main headquarters, new branches of IFL in different regions of the Philippines and the progress of the IFL in different countries of Asia. To see the magnitude of God’s provision was uplifting and encouraging to us all, and reminded each of us there of the importance of being obedient to His call on our lives, and being good stewards of what He has entrusted us with.


We are happy to say that Mr. Stan Bodic of Canada has joined us this past week as well, and how happy we are! Stan is always a blessing and an immense help to us here at home, and we enjoy the insights of what God is teaching him. Stan came just days before the big event, the big day we had been busily preparing for the last month!


We are pleased to congratulate the newly Mr. and Mrs. Jordan “Bernie” Skinner! Jordan and Michelle were married Saturday, October 6. We want to thank everyone who came to help (some came to help setup and decorate even though they couldn’t stay for the wedding) and watch these two beautiful people get married. We were blessed to have many of our friends and family there, like Jamie and Diane Profet, Kim Etter, John and Sue Bell, Chas Carvel and many others. It was a day of celebration but also a major victory through God, and we can’t wait to see where this next phase in their journey will take them.


The next couple of weeks will have us traveling a bit, in and out of state, as well as bring us visitors! Pastor Sylvester Alanwoko will be coming to spend some time with our family, and visit some of our local churches. We will also be traveling to Arizona for the Casaq play towards of October. The move of God in the hearts of the Native youth is growing and we praise God for the opportunity to be a part of it.


One thing also, is we are nearing our 58th anniversary!

What are some memories/testimonies you would like to share? Let us know!


As always, we love you, and pray each and everyone one of you is doing well.

God bless you!




Your All Nations International Family