Hello family!

Two weeks ago we did a story highlighting one of our volunteers, Jennene Jeffrey. She was quite surprised to see her picture in the story (she asked, “When did you take that picture?”). In the story we mentioned that after Jennene transcribes the messages, the messages are edited by another individual. This week, we are highlighting that individual. She is also one of the Mothers of our home, diligent in the tasks and duties that seem small but without them, our home wouldn’t be the same! She is firecracker from Oklahoma, a sweet grandmother and mother to many, an anointed intercessor and prayer warrior and keen on sweet rolls. Virginia Russell is our Volunteer Highlight this week!

Virginia Russell has been with us for many, many years! Here at home, she keeps the kitchen area running smoothly, spotting little things that most of us forget (like, coffee cups, crumbs, out of place items) and with saintly diligence, always cleaning up. She also is the second part of the duo that makes posting Agnes’ messages possible. Her past experience in editing is a blessing, and is the one who fixes any grammatical errors, typos and makes the messages presentable to the world. She loves her many “children” and will do anything she can to spoil and love on them! Her favorite thing is to have a nice cup of coffee and a sweet roll (that’s not too sweet!). She is Jennene’s buddy, and together they can bring the house down with their banter and wit. Even with Virginia’s physical ailments, she puts forth much, and we love her greatly!


So Virginia, we say THANK YOU! Thank you for all you do, the seen and much of the unseen. Thank you for cleaning up our messes and making our lives bright with your smile and your humor! We love you!