Greetings to our precious family!

Fall is around the corner, for many of you it’s already begun. A new season is starting but not just naturally. Can you feel the new season God is pulling us all into? We’re in a glorious season of God’s Kingdom and seeing the fulfilling of His Words and Promises. Here at home we are in the midst of different several different transitions. This work that God has given us is closely approaching 61 years of service. Sixty-one years! So many of you have been with us through various points of the ministry’s lifespan and each of you can testify to God’s goodness, mercy, provision and power during those years.

God is doing something particularly interesting at this present time. We don’t want to get too in depth, at least in this post, but as we look back at our 60th year in anticipation of our 61st, we realize how much of Isaiah 60 mirrors the last year for us, and how Isaiah 61 foretells of this next year, which we can already see happening now. In this last year, God has brought many to our doors and as it says: “Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side.” God has blessed us that the sons and daughters of this ministry have come and are coming. As we enter into our 61st year, God says of these sons and daughters “… shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the people: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed.” These sons and daughters are the blessing that will go forth and bring His Gospel to the nations.


 “Your descendants will become well-known all over. Your children in foreign countries will be recognized at once as the people I have blessed.” – Isaiah 60:9 The Message Bible


Many of you might remember Pastor Kumar of India. He lived at the ministry for a year, frequently going back and forth between India and Sommer Haven. Through his visits the Lord imparted to Pastor Kumar the vision of His Kingdom through Isaiah 58. Pastor Kumar has never wavered in the vision and mission that God gave him. Last year, two Pastors from India came from Pastor Kumar and were a blessing in the short time they were here.

Pastor Kumar with Rev. Agnes I. Numer in Inida, 1997.

Pastor Kumar with Rev. Agnes I. Numer in Inida, 1997.

Now we have another such son with us. Pastor Anbu Balan will be with us for a period of time, and though we didn’t know him upon arrival, it was clear that this dear man truly is a son! His passion and mandate from God is to help with the poor. Pastor Anbu is a man who clearly hears from the Lord and moves by His Spirit. He has known Pastor Kumar since the 1980’s, and

even remembers seeing Gordon Skinner preach in India. Little did he dream that God would send him to America! Pastor Anbu travels around the world, totally on God’s provision and spreads the Gospel where he goes. Before coming to us, Pastor Anbu was in Germany seeking the Lord on what the next step was. The Lord told him to go to America. Now this was a bit of a shock as Pastor Anbu knew not one person in America. Where would he go? Where would he stay? He remembered hearing about a place in Los Angeles, but the price was far above what he had. He called Pastor Kuma and asked for guidance. It was then that Pastor Kumar connected Pastor Anbu, telling him to call Gordon. What a blessing it has been! Pastor Anbu serves with humility and joy. Just yesterday he and Stan Bodic were cutting up a load of fire wood, and he had the biggest smile on his face. He helps wherever he is needed, and when the Spirit of the Lord falls upon him, watch out!

Pastor Anbu and Stan Bodic cutting wood.

Pastor Anbu and Stan Bodic cutting wood.

We are blessed by this brother and appreciate his presence in our home. Pastor Anbu Balan is our Volunteer Highlight this week, and you can see why! More than a volunteer, this brother and son and his being here is a demonstration of what God is going to do more of in the coming months.


Be looking out for the next newsletter! We have a lot to share, as we have trips to fill you in on, and a slew of international visitors with us at the moment, with more coming in the next two months. Before we go, we want to share with you these verses of Isaiah 60 from The Message bible. They so beautifully reflect what He is doing:


Look up! Look around!

Watch as they gather, watch as they approach you:

Your sons coming from great distances,

your daughters carried by their nannies.

When you see them coming you’ll smile—big smiles!

Your heart will swell and, yes, burst!

All those people returning by sea for the reunion,

a rich harvest of exiles gathered in from the nations!


We love you all, be blessed!

Love, your Family at All Nations

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